Top 4 tips for different ideas of bridesmaids dresses choice

The choice of bridesmaid dresses is a most difficult decision for a bride. You must not only show their own desires and preferences, but also consider the preferences of your bridesmaids into consideration. Choose dresses for a whole group of bridesmaids can be a challenge, because they differ in size, weight, complexion … and last but not least budget. Of course, the bride should be the focus, but this does not mean that the bridesmaids may not feel comfortable in their clothes. Today we have top 4 tips for different styling ideas for bridesmaids that you would find interesting.

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1. All the same.

Bridesmaid dresses are all look the same. This was the control for a long time. All bridesmaids wearing exactly the same dress in the same color and have the same style. This styling is nice if all the bridesmaids have the same body types and a uniform look is achieved. This is often the fastest and common decision. But if you want to introduce a small, different element, you can wear different shoes or jewelry.

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2. The same color, different shape.

Increasingly nowadays allow brides bridesmaids, each to choose a dress that you like it best, but on the condition that it should correspond to the wedding. This idea is perfect for bridesmaids who have totally different body types. Another reason of this styling recommends – the same material and length, only different shape. One bridesmaid dress can be in a strapless, one shoulder or straps neckline in the same color.


3. The same style, different colors.

Bridesmaids group can choose the same style of dress, but color can be different for each person, if the number is more, you can choose 2-3 colors to make the bridesmaids group look more dynamic.


4. Two-Piece style with a skirt and top.

This style is not so common, but it looks very interesting. Another reason why bridesmaids are sometimes not very impressed with their clothes is the fact that you can not wear the dress for all occasions after the wedding. But a two-piece outfit would reduce this risk and bridesmaids can create completely different looks for other events after the wedding.

Consider all aspects when choosing bridesmaid dresses – fabric, length, color, neckline, sleeves and silhouette. The fabric most frequently used for bridesmaids dresses are chiffon, satin, silk taffeta and lace. Select the material that complement the wedding dress and will be comfortable for the bridesmaids. As for the length of the bridesmaid dress there are floor-length, short or tea length. Choose the length that suits the wedding style. Short bridesmaid dresses are ideal for beach wedding. However, formal weddings require floor-length bridesmaid dresses. The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses should match the wedding dress. When choosing the color you consider the season. There are several options for the Neckline: V-Neck, Sweetheart, Mandarin Neck, Boat neck etc. Silhouette of the bridesmaids: A-line, Ball Gown, mermaid etc.


Description of a good bridesmaid workflow

You must be very nervous at first time to be your sisters’ bridesmaid, right? Because don’t have the experience and also don’t know the specific contents of a bridesmaid job in the wedding. Here we tell you about how to do a good intimate bridesmaid.

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1, Search on the Internet looking for information about the notes of the bridesmaid and the wedding process, be aware of the wedding details.

2, Discuss with the bride about meeting time and place and hotel location (finalized one week before the wedding).

3, Arrive at the bride’s home timely, prepare absent items (such as bouquet), and some may even decorate the venue. At this point you must pay attention to more communication, the bride has been dizzy busy, bridesmaids should be sober, take more care to prepare all the things that should ready for the wedding. Do not think that the bride and groom will remember all the things for their own wedding, take their wedding as yours, after all a successful wedding is everyone expectation. If there are conditions, recommend the bride and groom practice on the spot, so you can have experience and do well on the wedding day.

4, Help the bride wear a wedding dress in the evening, for one hand bridesmaid is familiar with the dressing process, and second help the bride find feel. It’s best to wear a piece of cloth in the underlying wedding dress to prevent dust of the earth because of electrostatic attraction rubbing.

5, Monitor the bride to drink, aware the bride sleep early and place the things classified.

6, Get up earlier than the bride and finish washing before the bride at the next morning. When bride washing, bridesmaids make time to makeup yourself. And then take breakfast together with the bride.

7, During the bride making up, one main task of bridesmaid is clearing up her clothes and makeup, the second is checking the bride bring items such as: the bouquets, jewelry, etc. The most important thing is to convey and complete each bride’s directives, such as: the bride would like to drink water; bride is looking for people; the groom call; makeup artist is busy. In short, the bridesmaid must have “screw” spirit – go to where there is a need.

8, When the groom comes to get the bride, bridesmaid do the best to pick on the groom.

9, Once get off the car, clear up the ribbon sprinkled on the new couple. Check again about the bride make up, and send the goods to the changing room timely.

How to pick groomsmen and bridesmaids?

A perfect wedding is each bride and groom’s dream. Suitable bridesmaid dresses and perfect romantic wedding dress, a good planned wedding theme, there are many things you need to do well. One of the most important thing must be the selecting of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Here we suggest you the top 5 useful tips while picking your groomsmen and bridesmaids.


1. The equal number of the best man and maid of honour.
There is no provision of selecting the best man, and the groom can choose the best man from his cousins, colleagues, old classmates. However, as usual, although the number of groomsmen is not specified, but the number of groomsmen should be consistent with bridesmaids. In general five pairs of best man and bridesmaids are appropriate if there are more than 300 people. Even there are many guests, do not exceed 5-6 pairs of best man and bridesmaids, do not let the huge siblings group robbed the limelight of the couple, if the wedding scene is too grand, you still need to ask a professional services team to organize. 2-3 pairs of best man and bridesmaids are appropriate if there are 100-300 people. These good friends can control the scene completely. 1-2 pairs of best man and bridesmaids can be fine if there are less than 100 people. Even you have many good friends, do not ask too many bridesmaids groomsmen. The aesthetics of the whole wedding decline when simple wedding caught in a huge brother and sister sibling groups.
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2. Responsible good buddy can be the groomsmen.
The bride and groom is difficult to take everything into account, the groom should have a ready to come forward to solve the problem brothers groomsmen group just like the bride has her girlfriends group. Therefore, the groomsman can’t be one who will bring trouble to the groom even he can’t help groom solve the trouble when selecting the groomsmen. If the groom insists invite one buddy who be foolish after wine dip, it can only say that the groom is asking for trouble. Of course, it’s best to choose those who are responsible and go through anything for brothers as the buddy who will not make trouble is still not good enough. If so, the groom can assure the groomsmen to deal with things if the groom is tied up once there is something sudden on the wedding day.

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3. Select the people who are organized to do the best man or bridesmaids.
There is no need that groomsmen and bridesmaid candidates are the best friend of the new couple, if the best man and bridesmaids are mainly co-workers, you can also ask the one who’s position is relatively high and the same age but not have a big gap with you, as he or she will good at this job as being a leader in real life.

4. Be active enough to be the best man and bridesmaids.
If the groom and bride have positive active molecules brothers and sisters then she or him will be the best candidate of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The groomsman is able to get along with groom at least, and he can come forward and make the atmosphere come alive when the groom is nervous or wedding atmosphere is not enough. Thus, both inside groomsmen, responsible man, activists and some brothers who will not give you trouble, so the groom’s groomsmen have collect completed for the wedding. It’s best that the bridesmaids have a common understanding with acquaintances of the new couple and can understand the social circle of the new couple, so that she can do well with drawing up the guest list, maintain public order and deal with a lot of liaison work.
5. How to reject candidates who are not suitable.
If someone wants to do your groomsman or maid of honor very much, but you must reject due to the limited of number or this person is really not suitable the position, so how to reject him? The reason a person is not suitable for bridesmaids or groomsmen due to two factors, one is that this man and you are not good enough, you have many better options. In this case, you can refuse the person using the reason that the wedding is small and the people is limited or you can say this as a reason “Would like to invite you, but I have promised someone a long time ago” and expressed sincere apologies, this refusal is easily accepted for most people. Another factor is that this person is in a good relationship with you, but he really does not have a best man or bridesmaid quality. Encounter such a person, you can explain to him in detail about the time, responsibility, effort groomsmen and bridesmaids take, if your friend is very careless, then he will quit once hear these. These are introduction of selection of bridesmaids and groomsmen among the wedding preparations. Relax your heart and collect a group of these people for your bridesmaid and groomsmen for your wedding, they are the most active people who can active the atmosphere on your wedding!