5 fashion style bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid style is not stereotyped, through dress and holding flowers cleverly echoes, which you will find endless charming! Today we will give you five bridesmaid style to show the bridesmaid fashion.

water color bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

One: water color, garden style

As watercolor charming style theme, water color bridesmaid dress with a soft bouquet, shallow and soft feeling is especially fits for spring and summer outdoor wedding. It does not require cumbersome accessories, the more simple, it will be more beautiful!

white and orange color bridesmaid dressTwo: Tropical style

Want more summer passionate feelings? Let coral, peach pink, orange to help you! Bright colors of peonies, dahlias, as well as a very tropical plants is more supporting this style.

yellow bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The girl is wearing yellow bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Three: Exquisite Modern style

With delicate silhouette of bright yellow silk dress is especially for fits for modern wedding, you have to do the one thing that the bouquet is as concise as possible, a simple bow can do it all.

dot short bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

Four: Popular printing

Do you want to follow the trends? Dress with print dress for your bridesmaids! Polka Dot skirt with a full bouquet is very praise, Yamagata patterns, stripes, flowers and printing are a good choice.

white lace short bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The bridesmaid is wearing white lace bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Five: beautiful and romantic

White lace dress with a bouquet babysbreath fits for romantic and fresh wedding. Accessories is also try to choose a soft style, but try to use bright colors, such as yellow, escape out is good choice!


Mismatched champagne bridesmaid dresses 2015

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are hot, absolutely popular among there years. From blush pink to mint green, from wedding gown to bridesmaid dress. Neutral pastel has become the trend. Champagne, gold, beige, ivory, cream, nude, skin pink, pale pink, silver etc. all these neutral pastel colors make the dress for maid more pretty trendy. And now we want to talk about the one most popular style of mismatched pastel bridesmaid dresses for wedding 2015 so you can have a modern stunning big day memory.

 mismatched champagne bridesmaid dresses

The first step is to figure out what type of mismatch you want. You may want to take into account how many bridesmaids you have, the wedding location, and the length of dress you’d like them to wear and the degree to which you want the mismatch. If you want a mismatched look that allows your bridesmaids to pick a style that suits them, but doesn’t make it vague about what color you want, you can do what I consider the easiest mismatch: the ‘simple’ mismatch, if you will. With the ‘simple’ mismatch, just pick a dress color or fabric you like and allow your maids to pick from a handful of styles that you approve of.  This method allows everyone to get a style they like without too much hassle and pretty results. You can vary the neckline, skirt length and bodice style.

The artful mismatch is the one that is the most complex to get right, and also looks the most mismatched.  This look appears as though you’ve just said to your bridesmaids, “please wear a a cream or taupe dress” — and I’m sure some brides have been able to simply ask for that have it all work out, but I suspect for the wedding parties that perfectly mismatched, there’s actually some significant planning to make sure the shades have some variation but also look cohesive.  If you go for this look,  I’d think about it almost like you’d approach a home decorating project; just as a room usually has different textures and colors and fabrics that all work together, so it goes with this look.  Neutrals are a beautiful choice for this mismatch, because the soft, muted hues are forgiving if they don’t exactly blend, and one can unusually find a stunning pattern or sequined or beaded gown that will tie some of the other dresses together and make the whole look work.

So if you go for this look, the fabric doesn’t need to match, the style of dress doesn’t need to match, but there just has to be a pleasing blend of colors, without too many colors of the same hue.  Think of having choosing a few of the solid color dresses above, then perhaps add in a few textured, like lace or a sheer fabric, and then a few beaded, and make sure the beaded or printed dress tie in with other dresses (For instance, if you have a champagne dress, and a deeper taupe gray gown, find a printed or beaded gown with a bit of champagne in the background, and taupe in the beading to tie it all in.)

To make sure you like the look all together, my suggestion is to pick a few dresses you like and using Pinterest or Polyvore and play around with grouping these dresses together. Then, you’ll want to either go to the store or boutique or order them all online and get them together make sure they all work in person. If you like the look – you’ve found your dresses! Boutiques are very used to assisting with this mismatched trend by now, so if you tell them your color palette they’ll probably be happy to help!  I’ve included some of my favorite neutral bridesmaid dresses both short/long and sequined here to get you started. 

short mismatched champagne bridesmaid dresses

mismatched champagne bridesmaid dresses

Image source: champagne bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy

Read more at http://www.dressforthewedding.com/neutral-bridesmaid-dresses-mismatch/

Learn the cost of a bridesmaid dress

It’s totally normal to experience some sticker shock when you’re shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses (especially floor-length gowns) can easily cost upwards of $200, with many falling in the $300 range. But knowing what goes into creating a runway design, like the dress above from the Amsale Fall 2015 bridesmaid dress collection, can help you make a more informed decision when picking dresses for your bridesmaids. We got the scoop from wedding and bridesmaid dress designer Amsale Aberra to find out what exactly goes into the price of a bridesmaid dress.

Anatomy of a Bridesmaid Dress | Blog.TheKnot.com

Having a Designer Pattern

“Generally, the more expensive the dress, the more time is spent on making it,” says designer Aberra. An expertly crafted pattern— including time-consuming steps like hand-tucking and pleating—is the key to a unique look and a flattering fit that flows beautifully on a variety of body shapes. After the pattern has been created by a designer, it’s fitted in a showroom on a model (to make sure every seam is completely perfect), shown on the runway, and then finally goes into production.

Using Pricey Materials

All fabrics are not created equal, and the cost will vary depending on quality. More expensive chiffon, like the one this dress is made of, is crafted from silk. It’s sheer and flows easily as you move. Polyester chiffon, a budget- friendly option, tends to be a bit more opaque and stiffer. The same goes for tulle and lace—some variations will be pricier depending on quality and construction.

Being Made to Order

Some dresses for taller or plus-size ladies are custom- made and, as a result, cost extra. But even standard sizes aren’t mass-produced. They’re sewn when ordered— and all are cut from the same dye lot (meaning the fabric for each is dyed together for an identical hue).

Article source: theknot.com.

Top 8 non-traditional bridesmaid dresses trends you will love

The average number of bridesmaids in a wedding party is 5, bridesmaid fashion plays a big role in the overall look of your wedding, and feel of your wedding. Of course you can never go wrong with the colors, but why not show off your bridal party’s stylish personalities by choosing something non-traditional details? Sometimes it’s the details that make a difference!


Criss-Cross-Back-Straps-Bridesmaid-Dresses keyhole-Back-Bridesmaid-Dresses-2015 Twist-Wrap-Bridesmaid-Dresses

1. Sexy bridesmaid dresses.
Design as keyhole Backs, Cross Neckline, Criss-Cross Back Straps and Twist Wrap makes the bridesmaid dresses more sexy than traditonal lowley bridesmaid dress. And also let exery bridesmaid show her personatliy on the big day.


2. Transparent one shoulder bridesmaid dresses.

Unlike with traditonal one shoulder design, these bridesmaid dresses have transparent one shoulder neckline made of Tulle or chiffon fabric. Elegant traditonal style added with a littel sexy element which made a moder bridesmaid more pretry sexy.


3. Pastel bridesmaid dresses.
Royal blue, deep purple or hot red maybe not a good choice for many modern wedding now. While the light tone color pastel bridesmaid dresses are becoming trendy color. You can choose mint green, sage green, sky blue, water blue, lilac, lavender, blush pink, lemon etc. these pastel colors to make your bridesmaid dresses special on your wedding.


4. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses.
Bride and bridesmaids are more and more like to wear modern dress on the wedding. As wedding dress is made in black or red or pink color, bridesmaid dresses can also be mixed match. There are many ways to prepare mismatched bridesmaid dresses as same dresses different colors or similar colors, same color different dresses or neckline, same dresses different shade of the same color, compeletely different dresses etc.

Illusion-Sleeves-Bridesmaid-Dresses Illusion-Neckline-Bridesmaid-Dresses

5. Illusion Neckline/Sleeves bridesmaid dresses.
The untaditonal illusion neckline or sleeves is more and more popular these years among wedding gowns and also the bridesmaid dresses. Elegant styles added sexy transparent tulle or lace illusion element make one bridesmaid dress more romantic.

skirt and top bridesmaid dresses

6. Mixing Skirts and Tops bridesmaid dresses.
Forget the traditional concept of all bridesmaids in the same dress and the exact same color, this season we are all about change and making trends more accessible and affordable than ever before, brides can remain stress-free without having to worry about getting the colors to match perfectly to just about everything or worry about ensuring all maids are in the same length gown. It’s all about letting loose and getting laid back for the best day of your lives.


7. Two tone bridesmaid dresses.
The trendy two tone bridesmaid dresses are fresh modern style for a wedding. It’s also one of the latest trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses 2015. One bridesmaid dress made in two tone color or several bridesmaid dresses made in two similar colors. Anyway, your wedding must be stunning because of this style bridesmaids dresses.

Gray-long-bridesmaid-dresses cb1437d08a050820faca2b4c0450a92f

8. Sequined gold/silver bridesmaid dresses.
As wedding gown decorated with sequined embellishment coming popular, bridesmaid dress totally made of gold or silver sequins is familiar with us these recent years. Everyone must be surprised with one sequined gold or silver dress on red carpet, and you will open your eyes when it appears on the wedding beside the white bride gown.

Top 10 colors trends of bridesmaid dresses 2015.

10 mismatched bridesmaid dresses trends 2015.

Bridesmaid dresses online styles for 2015 wedding.

Floral print bridesmaid dresses fashion

Ask yourself you like to get married surrounded by flowers? It must be very romantic. Because white or ivory wedding dress a-traditional style of wedding, you can dress your bridesmaids with glamor floral print. If your wedding is hold in the courtyard, it was flawless floral prints Bridesmaid Dress elections. Try to remember the shape of the dress and goes Print at much else because the girls want to have best appearance. For the same reason you should make sure that you take their staining into consideration.


Furthermore relatively traditional bridesmaid dress it is complicated because of the mostly floral prints, the styles of bridesmaid dress should be simple. And the bridesmaid dresses should not be so complicated. Among weddingbuy will enjoy some beautiful floral wonderland Print Bridesmaid Dress Styles with you.

Yellow and pink strapless floral print knee length bridesmaids dress. White bridesmaid dresses can better adapt these dresses.
Floral Print bridesmaids dresses should not matter at the wedding, you should remember just one thing, this color suits at each other.

southboundbride-floral-print-bridesmaids-003 southboundbride-floral-print-bridesmaids-006These bridesmaids dresses collection is all the same, same printing and the same style. Shape, color, print. But it does look good.

On the whole, the bride has so many styles to pick, but they should finally make a determined decision. What make wedding goes better, then that’s the right decision.

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Bridesmaid Dresses – find the right one without stress

Bridesmaid Dresses can be a relaxed shopping.

As a bride your to-do list is probably very, very long. Maybe you have just found your dream wedding dress. Then it is on to the next question: Select bridesmaid dresses for your dearest friends. Sometimes this is to do a major challenge and test of patience. We tell you how you and your friends can stay relaxed.

  bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses? Nothing easier than that!

First consider what wedding you will have. Is it a summer party at the lake or get married in the fall on a stately mansion? What to match with your wedding dress? Only you can decide what type of wedding dresses you will wear to fit in the setting of your celebration and support the desired look. Then it is even certain for you and your girlfriends easier to choose appropriate bridesmaid dresses. The online shop weddingbuy manufacturers have dedicated themselves to the needs of modern bridesmaids. All bridesmaid dresses are characterized by high wearing comfort thanks to quality craftsmanship and clever cut. Your bridesmaids will move freely in the bridesmaid dresses and feel comfortable. In this way they can fully concentrate on you.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Related source: pastel bridesmaid dresses on weddingbuy.

Bridesmaid Dresses 2015 – trends that make your heart beat faster.

This season bridesmaids dresses in pastel shades are popular. From delicate sky blue, over fresh mint green to light blush pink, it is the right color for every complexion. Weddingbuy boasts a very wide range of colors. If you don’t agree pastel, you will also find strong colors from dark blue to orange at weddingbuy. Regarding the color you’ll be spoiled for choice. Weddingbuy Bridesmaid dresses keep in playful short length, but also long elegant bridesmaid dresses for you. A completely new selection of bridesmaid dresses weddingbuy offers since 2011 make selecting the right bridesmaids dresses even easier. The new bridesmaid dresses make shopping easy! The choices of color and cut are limitless. We wish you much fun and joy in search of the perfect bridesmaid dresses!

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Top 4 tips for different ideas of bridesmaids dresses choice

The choice of bridesmaid dresses is a most difficult decision for a bride. You must not only show their own desires and preferences, but also consider the preferences of your bridesmaids into consideration. Choose dresses for a whole group of bridesmaids can be a challenge, because they differ in size, weight, complexion … and last but not least budget. Of course, the bride should be the focus, but this does not mean that the bridesmaids may not feel comfortable in their clothes. Today we have top 4 tips for different styling ideas for bridesmaids that you would find interesting.

red bridesmaid dresses

Image source: red bridesmaid dresses on weddingbuy

1. All the same.

Bridesmaid dresses are all look the same. This was the control for a long time. All bridesmaids wearing exactly the same dress in the same color and have the same style. This styling is nice if all the bridesmaids have the same body types and a uniform look is achieved. This is often the fastest and common decision. But if you want to introduce a small, different element, you can wear different shoes or jewelry.

purple bridesmaid dress

Image source: purple bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy

2. The same color, different shape.

Increasingly nowadays allow brides bridesmaids, each to choose a dress that you like it best, but on the condition that it should correspond to the wedding. This idea is perfect for bridesmaids who have totally different body types. Another reason of this styling recommends – the same material and length, only different shape. One bridesmaid dress can be in a strapless, one shoulder or straps neckline in the same color.


3. The same style, different colors.

Bridesmaids group can choose the same style of dress, but color can be different for each person, if the number is more, you can choose 2-3 colors to make the bridesmaids group look more dynamic.


4. Two-Piece style with a skirt and top.

This style is not so common, but it looks very interesting. Another reason why bridesmaids are sometimes not very impressed with their clothes is the fact that you can not wear the dress for all occasions after the wedding. But a two-piece outfit would reduce this risk and bridesmaids can create completely different looks for other events after the wedding.

Consider all aspects when choosing bridesmaid dresses – fabric, length, color, neckline, sleeves and silhouette. The fabric most frequently used for bridesmaids dresses are chiffon, satin, silk taffeta and lace. Select the material that complement the wedding dress and will be comfortable for the bridesmaids. As for the length of the bridesmaid dress there are floor-length, short or tea length. Choose the length that suits the wedding style. Short bridesmaid dresses are ideal for beach wedding. However, formal weddings require floor-length bridesmaid dresses. The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses should match the wedding dress. When choosing the color you consider the season. There are several options for the Neckline: V-Neck, Sweetheart, Mandarin Neck, Boat neck etc. Silhouette of the bridesmaids: A-line, Ball Gown, mermaid etc.

Description of a good bridesmaid workflow

You must be very nervous at first time to be your sisters’ bridesmaid, right? Because don’t have the experience and also don’t know the specific contents of a bridesmaid job in the wedding. Here we tell you about how to do a good intimate bridesmaid.

Purple bridesmaid dresses

Image source: lilac bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy.co.uk.

1, Search on the Internet looking for information about the notes of the bridesmaid and the wedding process, be aware of the wedding details.

2, Discuss with the bride about meeting time and place and hotel location (finalized one week before the wedding).

3, Arrive at the bride’s home timely, prepare absent items (such as bouquet), and some may even decorate the venue. At this point you must pay attention to more communication, the bride has been dizzy busy, bridesmaids should be sober, take more care to prepare all the things that should ready for the wedding. Do not think that the bride and groom will remember all the things for their own wedding, take their wedding as yours, after all a successful wedding is everyone expectation. If there are conditions, recommend the bride and groom practice on the spot, so you can have experience and do well on the wedding day.

4, Help the bride wear a wedding dress in the evening, for one hand bridesmaid is familiar with the dressing process, and second help the bride find feel. It’s best to wear a piece of cloth in the underlying wedding dress to prevent dust of the earth because of electrostatic attraction rubbing.

5, Monitor the bride to drink, aware the bride sleep early and place the things classified.

6, Get up earlier than the bride and finish washing before the bride at the next morning. When bride washing, bridesmaids make time to makeup yourself. And then take breakfast together with the bride.

7, During the bride making up, one main task of bridesmaid is clearing up her clothes and makeup, the second is checking the bride bring items such as: the bouquets, jewelry, etc. The most important thing is to convey and complete each bride’s directives, such as: the bride would like to drink water; bride is looking for people; the groom call; makeup artist is busy. In short, the bridesmaid must have “screw” spirit – go to where there is a need.

8, When the groom comes to get the bride, bridesmaid do the best to pick on the groom.

9, Once get off the car, clear up the ribbon sprinkled on the new couple. Check again about the bride make up, and send the goods to the changing room timely.

How to pick groomsmen and bridesmaids?

A perfect wedding is each bride and groom’s dream. Suitable bridesmaid dresses and perfect romantic wedding dress, a good planned wedding theme, there are many things you need to do well. One of the most important thing must be the selecting of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Here we suggest you the top 5 useful tips while picking your groomsmen and bridesmaids.


1. The equal number of the best man and maid of honour.
There is no provision of selecting the best man, and the groom can choose the best man from his cousins, colleagues, old classmates. However, as usual, although the number of groomsmen is not specified, but the number of groomsmen should be consistent with bridesmaids. In general five pairs of best man and bridesmaids are appropriate if there are more than 300 people. Even there are many guests, do not exceed 5-6 pairs of best man and bridesmaids, do not let the huge siblings group robbed the limelight of the couple, if the wedding scene is too grand, you still need to ask a professional services team to organize. 2-3 pairs of best man and bridesmaids are appropriate if there are 100-300 people. These good friends can control the scene completely. 1-2 pairs of best man and bridesmaids can be fine if there are less than 100 people. Even you have many good friends, do not ask too many bridesmaids groomsmen. The aesthetics of the whole wedding decline when simple wedding caught in a huge brother and sister sibling groups.
beige bridesmaid dresses

Related beige chiffon long white bridesmaid dresses from weddingbuy.
2. Responsible good buddy can be the groomsmen.
The bride and groom is difficult to take everything into account, the groom should have a ready to come forward to solve the problem brothers groomsmen group just like the bride has her girlfriends group. Therefore, the groomsman can’t be one who will bring trouble to the groom even he can’t help groom solve the trouble when selecting the groomsmen. If the groom insists invite one buddy who be foolish after wine dip, it can only say that the groom is asking for trouble. Of course, it’s best to choose those who are responsible and go through anything for brothers as the buddy who will not make trouble is still not good enough. If so, the groom can assure the groomsmen to deal with things if the groom is tied up once there is something sudden on the wedding day.

Shop similar pink bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy.co.uk.
3. Select the people who are organized to do the best man or bridesmaids.
There is no need that groomsmen and bridesmaid candidates are the best friend of the new couple, if the best man and bridesmaids are mainly co-workers, you can also ask the one who’s position is relatively high and the same age but not have a big gap with you, as he or she will good at this job as being a leader in real life.

4. Be active enough to be the best man and bridesmaids.
If the groom and bride have positive active molecules brothers and sisters then she or him will be the best candidate of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The groomsman is able to get along with groom at least, and he can come forward and make the atmosphere come alive when the groom is nervous or wedding atmosphere is not enough. Thus, both inside groomsmen, responsible man, activists and some brothers who will not give you trouble, so the groom’s groomsmen have collect completed for the wedding. It’s best that the bridesmaids have a common understanding with acquaintances of the new couple and can understand the social circle of the new couple, so that she can do well with drawing up the guest list, maintain public order and deal with a lot of liaison work.
5. How to reject candidates who are not suitable.
If someone wants to do your groomsman or maid of honor very much, but you must reject due to the limited of number or this person is really not suitable the position, so how to reject him? The reason a person is not suitable for bridesmaids or groomsmen due to two factors, one is that this man and you are not good enough, you have many better options. In this case, you can refuse the person using the reason that the wedding is small and the people is limited or you can say this as a reason “Would like to invite you, but I have promised someone a long time ago” and expressed sincere apologies, this refusal is easily accepted for most people. Another factor is that this person is in a good relationship with you, but he really does not have a best man or bridesmaid quality. Encounter such a person, you can explain to him in detail about the time, responsibility, effort groomsmen and bridesmaids take, if your friend is very careless, then he will quit once hear these. These are introduction of selection of bridesmaids and groomsmen among the wedding preparations. Relax your heart and collect a group of these people for your bridesmaid and groomsmen for your wedding, they are the most active people who can active the atmosphere on your wedding!

How to create a stylish bridesmaid group

If you want to have a rich stylish atmosphere wedding, mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a good choice. A combination of various colors or a single color can make your bridesmaids have more freedom of choice. They are wearing the dresses, it is a new interpretation of the traditional wedding color matching. Here’s a look at these helpful tips to teach you how to make different colors into your wedding party, the designer Amsale Abera will supply some constructive guidance to the brides.

bride and her bridesmaid groupHighlight your main bridesmaids

Print dress is a good choice. You can consider your main bridesmaids who wearing a print dress, so that it is distinguish to other styles of bridesmaid dresses.

Alternate colors
If you are worried about the large print dress does not look so obvious, you can consider to use a gradient bridesmaid dresses for bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dress color is from dark to light. This style bridesmaid dress has create an incredible visual effects (and super cute!).

Use a color group

If you can not find one color what you like, then different shades of the same color can help you solve all the troubles. You can let your bridesmaids choose the same style dress with different colors.