3 stylish dresses for fashion girl at the variety of parties

Faced with a variety of wedding, prom, cocktail and other party, what kind of attitude do want to meet it? If you want neither too outdated but also you can not grab the master light, what kind of dress you need to wear? Today we will recommend three fashion style formal dresses for you, those formal gowns are nice but elegant. It is not too sexy but stylish. It will make you get more attendtions. Do you want to see it? Maybe you will like it very much.

purple silk sleeveless dressAsymmetric waves silk sleeveless dress with elegant purple show the gender attitude, with hand bag and woven leather high-heeled sandals to forge noble charming color dress style.

sexy high low v neck silk formal dress

Sexy halter red formal dress

Haute hippie silk halter dress using beautiful bright color, with Giuseppe Raso Sano first evening open-toed heels to exudes youth and pleasant temperament.

blue short straps formal dress

Herve Leger dress Bambi double straps formal dress, with Alexander McQueen skull ring buckle leather handbag and Stella McCartney pointed serpentine high-heeled shoes to create dazzling evening look.

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Three young stylish bright color formal dresses

Although the bride and groom are the protagonist of wedding, there is nobody wants to robbed their thunder, but it does not means that everyone is wearing the mundane. In fact, the wedding is a good place when a lot of people is starting a new romance. If you want to attract the opposite sex on the wedding, you can wear a bright formal dress. To wear lively light-colored dress, so that a good friend’s wedding is no longer bleak, but also let you find peach in the new year!

modern one shoulder fold formal dress

This one shoulder pleated dress with one shoulder design, make the clothes more than general dress a hale, designers proper pleat, add level for skirt and stereo feeling, and adopted the extremely strong pink and tonal, put on it will bring good peach blossom for you!

blue chiffon short formal dress

Elegant short chiffon blue formal dress

This elegant dress with overlapping cutting way build a vertical object and administrative levels feeling, full of bright sapphire blue noble charming, is bright and elegant choice. Thin vertical drop half of real silk fabrics, elegant charm, all show elegant temperament, only with simple style of high heels could easily attract millions of eyeballs.

purple lace patterns formal dressShort lace purple patterns formal dress

The jacquard lace dress adopted clipping cultivate one’s morality, highlights the female body and exquisite curvaceous, in the form of jacquard lace design, more than ordinary lace fabric texture. Symmetrical pattern more an architectural art breath, mysterious purple show fashionable and elegant beauty.

5 fashion style bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid style is not stereotyped, through dress and holding flowers cleverly echoes, which you will find endless charming! Today we will give you five bridesmaid style to show the bridesmaid fashion.

water color bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

One: water color, garden style

As watercolor charming style theme, water color bridesmaid dress with a soft bouquet, shallow and soft feeling is especially fits for spring and summer outdoor wedding. It does not require cumbersome accessories, the more simple, it will be more beautiful!

white and orange color bridesmaid dressTwo: Tropical style

Want more summer passionate feelings? Let coral, peach pink, orange to help you! Bright colors of peonies, dahlias, as well as a very tropical plants is more supporting this style.

yellow bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The girl is wearing yellow bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Three: Exquisite Modern style

With delicate silhouette of bright yellow silk dress is especially for fits for modern wedding, you have to do the one thing that the bouquet is as concise as possible, a simple bow can do it all.

dot short bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

Four: Popular printing

Do you want to follow the trends? Dress with print dress for your bridesmaids! Polka Dot skirt with a full bouquet is very praise, Yamagata patterns, stripes, flowers and printing are a good choice.

white lace short bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The bridesmaid is wearing white lace bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Five: beautiful and romantic

White lace dress with a bouquet babysbreath fits for romantic and fresh wedding. Accessories is also try to choose a soft style, but try to use bright colors, such as yellow, escape out is good choice!

Three fashion style purple bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses colors are relative more varied. Today, I will introduce three purple bridesmaid gowns for you to creating a mature female noble royal style. This three style bridesmaid are main as purple color, it has a strong visual impact and grab the people’s attentions instantly. Flowing skirt, expensive look, sophisticated makeup, perfect match which are showing the bridesmaid’s maturity and charming.

light purple long bridesmaid dress

Elegant long light purple bridesmaid dress

This light purple style, the chiffon fabric make this dress more flowing, it is so elegant. The upper body use the lace farbic. It is adds more sexy for the dress. Floor length is more suitable for tall brides, with long hair, it is so elegant yet stylish.

color block purple bridesmaid dress

Color block purple bridesmaid dresses Australia

The color block satin bridesmaid dress is looks more modern. With curly hair, so fashionable. Short design is more comfortable for bridesmaid to help brides do something. Purple color is show the girl’s mature charming.

lace purple bridesmaid dressSexy v neck long purple lace bridesmaid dress

This style bridesmaid dress looks very simple. But it is not affect the dress fashion sense. V neck style make the neck look more slender. The dress is full of lace fabrics. Sheath design is show the bridesmaid beautiful figure. This style is more suitable for mature and elegant women.

4 tulle wedding dresses for summer wedding

4 tulle wedding dresses for summer wedding, it is fresh yet sexy, quickly to see it now. 

chepel train tulle wedding dress

Tulle fabric with natural drape can temporarily hide the not perfect body shape.

fuchsia ball gown empire tulle wedding dressEmpire tulle wedding dress is a magic for not perfect waistline brides. Waist naturally drawn to the A-line skirt perfectly modified curve.

Dual shoulder straps ball gown tulle wedding dress

Shoulder design can bring a sense of security for the special time brides, at least it is not to change underwear, so you can get more sense of security, especially in the winter. The waist coat style can be a visual focus on the upper body.

sequins and pearls blue wedding dressDesign formed an inverted triangle pattern in the visually which is play a role to modified waist, sequins and pearls decorations add more stunning for the whole wedding dress. This style tulle wedding dress is very suitable for outdoor wedding.

7 bridesmaid group colored dresses for women in 2015

Combined with bridesmaid’s own body and temperament characteristics to choose the unique style bridesmaid dresses for your sister!

light yellow short bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: Knee length light yellow bridesmaid dresses

Light yellow

Colored skin, colored hair, the same smile, the same sweet …… it is really a good picture!

long light green strapless bridesmaid dresses

Light green

The bride is wearing white wedding dress, but bridesmaid group chose similar style four light green dresses. Red Green dotted holding flowers, location have a sense of harmony?

light blue short strapless bridesmaid dresses

Short strapless light blue bridesmaid dresses

Light Blue

Improved design, the collar is low-key blues decals, so that the blue color is exceptionally quiet. It looks great temperament. Note Well, the bride’s bouquet there with the bridesmaid dress color photograph echo of light purple.

purple bridesmaid dresses


With shades of purple, various styles of bridesmaid dresses, Who said the bridesmaid will require the same? This is also too good for it? Love this casual beauty, without polish. Smile is the best decorations.

red lace short bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: red short lace bridesmaid dresses by http://www.dressesmallau.com

Big Red

In China, people might be more difficult to accept the bridesmaids who dressed in bright red dress, but the figure is really seductive bridesmaid group, decided to share with you!

brown short bridesmaid dresses


In fact, dark colors is really not too ugly, but also it will highlight the bride’s exceptionally holy temperament. This tone is really need to look at individual temperament, but it is not everyone who can master just right.

bright orange long bridesmaid dressesBright orange

Most people is difficult to try on this color, but the overall style will be particularly lively, dynamic.

Oscar de la Renta, L’Wren Scott: Red Carpet Stars Who Won’t Be Forgotten

Looking back over the awards season that ended with the Oscars Feb. 22, the red carpet was a little less luminous owing to the loss of two of fashion’s brightest lights: designers Oscar de la Renta and L’Wren Scott.

Between them, de la Renta, 82, who lost his almost-decade-long battle with cancer in October, and Scott, 49, who passed tragically in March, have dressed the evening’s biggest stars, including Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Garner.

“You always knew there was going to be a great Oscar dress on the red carpet,” says Elizabeth Saltzman, stylist to Gwyneth Paltrow. “He was the epitome of class and style and taste. I adored him. It’s for his clothing I would save my money, knowing how timeless each piece is, how beautifully made, how worthy, and chic, and not trendy.”


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De la Renta’s timelessness, says Eric Daman, Emmy-winning costume designer on “Sex and the City” and “Gossip Girl,” stemmed from his matchless savoir-faire.

“His designs were the embodiment of a richness that comes from decades of experience with couture,” says Daman of de la Renta, who honed his skills in the studios of Cristobal Balenciaga in Spain, Lanvin in Paris and Elizabeth Arden in New York, before launching his own label in 1965. “He had the ability to separate fashion from style. You’d be hard pressed to find any of Oscar’s past looks that could be called ‘dated’— they seem perpetually relevant.”

Not only did the Dominican Republic-born designer conquer Hollywood, he also conquered Capitol Hill.

“I respect that Oscar not only wanted to dress young Hollywood starlets, he also dressed politicians, and real woman making real change,” says Lawren Sample, stylist to “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks, of the designer, who’s dressed every First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy including, arguably, the current First Lady of Hollywood, Amal Clooney, on her wedding day.

“My favorite Oscar de la Renta moment would have to be the dramatic powder blue Amy Adams wore to the (2013) Oscars. It was a lot of dress on a little lady, but she worked it, and you could tell she felt like a million bucks,” says Sample.

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“Magic forest” lawn wedding for brides in spring

A unique outdoor wedding dress is a dream for a lot of people, to walk the green lawn and then hold your wife to get married, today we will give your exclusive lawn wedding party, pink is main colors, coupled with green lawn, fresh and natural, beautiful and romantic.

pink wedding background white chair with pink belt pink flowers and chair with pink belt

Hollow-out the vault, a circle of red and white flowers, flowers pavilion design is lovely, princess fan, main and without any obvious way, just on the chair is on both sides of the flowers and balloons, out of the way and seat one integrated mass, make the whole wedding pure and fresh and clean.

white vault with pink flowers pink cake and pink flowers pink flowers

Whole is pink, match each other, mutual set off, sign in machine design has a big back, make the scene more have a sense of fulfillment, all-round collocation, put the wedding fill have qualitative feeling more, overall contrast will feel the scene of the beautiful and magnificent.

pink cloth pink flowers and cloth pink table cloth

This pink background is so beautiful, it is very suitable for spring law wedding, if you have many bridesmaids, you can let your bridesmaid wear pink dress, it will become the most beautiful landscape on your wedding.

pink long bridesmaid dresses

Long pink bridesmaid dresses by http://www.dressesmallau.com

Top 5 vintage long sleeves wedding dresses for brides in 2015

The long sleeves wedding dress inspiration is from vintage wedding dresses, it is no long the representative of the traditional conservatives. In recent years, many brands have been through long sleeves wedding dress to create a combination of fashion and gorgeous vintage design elements, so that the long sleeves wedding dresses are more and more avant-garde and outstanding, more than the sleeveless dresses more can show individual character and detail design of space. 2015 long sleeves wedding dresses charming is diminished, design has more innovative than ever before which is bringing stunning visual effects and temperament style.

vintage high split lace long sleeves wedding dresses Vintage long sleeves v neck lace backless wedding dress vintage lace long sleeves mermaid wedding dresses vintage v neck long sleeves ball gown wedding dress vintage orange a line lace long sleeves wedding dress

Those vintage long sleeves wedding dresses are luxurious and elegant, if bride-to-be to wear it, it can add more charming and elegant. So nice and fashionable. Are you want to find more fashion vintage wedding dresses for brides, see more at http://www.dressesmallau.com/vintage-wedding-dresses-c160/

How to mismatched green bridesmaid dresses?

2015 spring and summer color green is popular for weddings of the bridesmaids, do you dare to wear green bridesmaid dresses? Will you wear green?

mismatched green bridesmaid dresses

Green is the color came from the nature around us, so it will be very attractive to us in the fall season, and with the use of it. Green is a bright, fresh colors, and it can be used with many colors. In my eyes, green has always been synonymous with health, neutral, mature, full of oxygen.

Do not be limited to just color matching dress, we can boldly applied to the basic necessities of life, and today we are all interactive demonstration of the green and other color matching paradigm, we must not be limited to the clothes, on other merchandise mix can be bold. The attempt to use.

If divided from green hue, there are many different levels of color and emotion. Here are some green shades:

Pea green; bean green; light bean green; olive green; tea green; light green; onion green;

; apple green; forest green; moss green; grass green; gray green; agate green; crystal; jade green; mineral green; turquoise green; spearmint; viridis; peacock green; dark green; green black; jasper; jade green; emerald black; dark green; petrol; bottle green; Chinese green; deep green; blue green, mint green, sage green, teel green, bud green.

mismatched green bridesmaid dresses

Green match with black

Black has a different meaning in different areas of color, but also has different cultural connotations. Black mysterious, hidden power, positive black can reveal elegance, passion, mystery and power. Almost black in the design and all the colors to match, it can make other colors appear brighter. Similarly, black and green mix, can make green look more beautiful.

Green match with white

A white color spectrum contains all the colors of light, its fusion power is very strong, it is the general situation in terms of white and any color can be. Elegant pure white with a bright green color, gives a very natural intimacy.

In Western-style wedding, green and white ratio of 3: 2 indoors, the ratio is 4: 1 outdoors. Green bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer are just hot.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Green match with cream

Similarly, the green can with beige, beige color is somewhere between a camel and white between the city, which has a camel elegant atmosphere, but a little more refreshing than the camel. It has a white pure romance, but a little more warmth and noble than white, so green with beige is also a good choice.

mismatched green bridesmaid dresses

Green match with blue

Green and blue with denim, fashion sense is the strongest. If there is another color brown line of accessories, then a more international scope is made.

Green match with gray-brown

Gray-brown color is a very chic, color is not particularly strong, people feel the color is too deep well with other colors, but it can bring great green with autumn feel.

Green match with dark purple

Dark purple is yellow and purple hit, green and dark purple with is also possible, the visual effect is very good. But if it is for home design, these two colors, the furniture must pay attention to the texture of the material should be placed in the position as well as a good choice, so as to achieve good results.

Like green friends, try green match with other colors. Green is just a good mix of colors for bridesmaid dresses.