Enter the church with her mother

May, in addition to the month of brides, it is also the month of mothers. So we decided to talk about a custom walking making the head of the most modern brides: go with her ​​mother at the altar.

mother at the wedding

There are brides who live only with their mother, who did not know the parents or that have already lost. In such cases it is inevitable to say that the mother was the most important figure for the bride’s life, and deserves a special place beside her daughter at her entrance in the church.

backless Wedding DressesDespite the habit of getting in with his father is very traditional, the idea is to honor the mother taking the family lead. But if you also want to involve your father, you can choose to climb the altar by her father and mother. Can you imagine?

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A unique football themed wedding

World Cup fans festival! When the quadrennial grand carnival met your wedding, big fans of football can use football elements at the wedding, so unusual wedding design can make guests feel fever and to happiness of the World Cup soccer with you together.


Football wedding cake expresses a fanatical fan’s heart.

Wedding cake is the symbol of sweet, but topper design is the most interesting and the most prominent part of the wedding theme. Football fans put jersey to their prototype right to express themselves as avid fans of football.

Wedding starts from a “ticket” invitation.

Wedding invitation designed according to football ticket specifications, time, place and people.

Wedding table seating arrangements come to a lineup Stock.

Your wedding table arrangements can also be in the form of graphs to show lineup, every table arrangements striker, midfielder or defensive midfielder all at a glance. Do not forget to include full “Players” list on the jersey.

Make a small jersey card as table cards.

Each table cards also made ​​in jerseys look, the digital on jersey back just the table number on behalf of the guests, it seems clear.

The wedding bouquet can “kick” as ball.

Football fans wedding, the bride certainly will not mind their bouquet designed spherical. In fact, spherical bouquet is also very common, but if the “throw” bouquet change to “kick” bouquet, then your wedding even more interesting!

Football table game let football fans hearty

Game is the essential part of wedding, of course, , table football is definitely the best choice the football fans so far, men will never feel bored.

football wedding

If the space is large enough, play a friendlies competition

If your wedding venue is outdoors, you may consider hold a small the design of a friendly game.

Print on the shirt “My name, your last name” for a romantic life dream.

Touching oath aspects of the wedding can also play new tricks that the bride’s name and the groom’s last name printed on the shirt to commemorate the two become a happy family!

Football fans souvenir add luster for the wedding arrangement.

The bride and groom as well as guests can bring their favorite football memorabilia out to decorate wedding.

Let football groom cake bloom

Of course, the bachelor party before the wedding, the groom does not have to pursue a romantic sweet cake, a big enough football cake can make him happy enough.

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Top 5 Vintage Chinese Dreamy Red Wedding Dresses

Be different with western countries’ wedding dresses tradition, the eastern country, China, has its own wedding tradition. Wedding dress which is the most important part of wedding in west, it is also the most different part from China. Chinese are used to wear traditional cheongsam for their wedding, and the color must be red. Because of they believe the color red can bring the good luck to their life in the future and also the red is the lucky color for any happy formal occasions.

Here come the top 5 eastern Chinese dreamy red wedding dresses, vintage style you will be shocked.

Top 1> Peach Halter Neck Appliques Chinese Mermaid Red Wedding Dress

red wedding dress

Top 2> Vintage Beading Front Split Lace Embroidery Peach Cheongsam

red wedding dress

Top 3> Peach and Black Halter Neck Deep V-neck Backless Wedding Dress

red wedding dress

Top 4> Pink Short Sleeveless Sequined Appliques Lace Mermaid Cheongsam

 red wedding dress

Top 5> Empire Long Sleeves Vintage Purple Red Embroidery Cheongsam

red wedding dress

So how do you think of the 5 red wedding dresses? Will you accept your wedding dress in red and it will be in what style?

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Plan a morning wedding – save more time and money

As many people see, most brides and groom choose to have weddings in the afternoon and evening. But as a matter of fact, morning wedding is more and more popular. Compared with an afternoon wedding or an evening wedding, a morning wedding is more creative, innovative, brighter and fresher. Most importantly, it is very convenient. Maybe you will ask why. Now let me make a example, if you will have a wedding, and you want to make it in the afternoon or evening. You give notice to all your friends and relatives. But you do not know that some people are very busy, they have already had a schedule, but after receiving your inviting in your wedding in the afternoon or evening, they have to cancel their plan. Maybe I guess you will be embarrassed if you know this point. So for the guests, morning wedding is more convenient, since they could do their works or other things what they like after attending the wedding on the day. Except the morning time, they have all the day to deal with their work, and in the evening they could have a good supper and sleep after tiredness. On the other hand, for the couple, they will have more time to get together on their own as newlyweds on that day. If it is a afternoon wedding or a evening wedding, they have to stay into a hotel room to simply sleep.
morning wedding

Even so, I want to tell every body, you should do something while you should not do something when you attend and host a morning wedding. On some useful morning wedding etiquette, some tricks might come in handy in case you want to choose this wedding idea.
You should wear what is suitable?
Obviously, everyone think the most important thing in a wedding, let alone a morning wedding, is what to wear. Don’t worry! We will set them out as follows:
There is no doubt that the most beautiful woman is bride in the ceremony. She wears a wedding dress at a morning wedding. She has some options, sleeves or no sleeves are ok.
Definitely, a groom is the second man who should be well-dressed. He could wear a full-fledged tuxedo. Also, as another choice, he could wear a dark colored suit or dark colored trousers with a coat.
Bridesmaid and Groomsman
The bridesmaid wears a dress. It needs to perfectly complement the bride’s and also it can decorate the surroundings. It is satisfying that both bride and bridesmaid are beautiful, so a beautiful dress is very necessary for a bridesmaid. Of course, some flowers should complement and decorate the venue. So, a bridesmaids’ dress should also harmonize with the decor. On the other hand, to a groomsman, since the groom is well-dressed in a morning wedding, so the groomsman should be wearing as the groom’s wearing. If a full-fledged tuxedo is suitable for the groom, a groomsman should be in one himself. If it’s semi-formal, maybe he can wear the simple trousers with a shirt.

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Plan your wedding golden and become an aristocratic couple

Golden represents luxury forever. The bright banquet hall gives out golden shine. The aristocratic elegant qualities are showed out from every corner. At the most important moment in your life, please enjoy the luxurious experience you would never have again which is given by the golden wedding. Here are some tips for you while you are designing your own golden wedding.


Elegant golden can make the whole wedding into a luxurious feast immediately. Exquisite hand-made inwrought table clothes, delicate silvery candlesticks, retro golden tableware and blooming aulic table flowers create the elegant and luxurious atmosphere which can really make you intoxicated in it. Handmade spun gold embroidery looks extremely expensive and high class. The exquisite materials and classical European patterns of the embroidery are very elegant and unique. When those shinning silvery pearl candies meet with the golden shine, they light up every corner of this beautiful wedding. The registering desk which is decorated elegant and generous leaves guests very elegant first impressions. The golden retro inwrought attendance book and the aulic gold stamping ceramic whiteware dishes which are full of candies look perfect together. The love-shaped symbol which is made by heart-shaped chocolates shows out the luxury and elegance of the golden wedding.


Elegant and generous golden satins, mellow red wine and crystal high heel win glasses make perfect matches for the perfect royal qualities and tastes. Every detail of this golden wedding is toasting for this new couple. Simple but elegant gold stamping seat cards are put on delicate golden dinner tables. These exquisite cards can be the most shinning decorations of this wedding. The round bridal bouquet which is made of charming mini yellow roses, rare yellow alocasia macrorrhizos and cute golden balls shows the colorful and retro aristocratic feelings. As the language of flowers is regretless true love, thick love spreads to everywhere together with the aroma of flowers. The golden ribbon tied to the bridal bouquet fits this luxurious golden wedding very well.

golden wedding

How can this huge wedding miss an elegant wedding cake? Three layers of tempting imported fresh cream makes up this gorgeous cake. The classic white beads chains decorations, the exquisite yellow and white rose decorations, some golden bowknots and warm candle light make this wedding cake touching and unique. It makes guests feel like dancing in a luxurious and dreamy palace. A champagne tower which represents the happy marriage is a necessary element for this luxurious wedding. When this crystal champagne tower is filled with delicious champagne, a climax will be brought to the happy mood and the atmosphere of this wedding.

A golden wedding represents the shinning love and marriage. As gold is a kind of hard metal, a golden marriage means the love between the new couple is indestructible. This golden wedding will be very unforgettable for everyone who attend it. I wish you can enjoy this exquisite and luxurious golden wedding, and have a happy marriage which is as bright as the gorgeous gold.

golden wedding dresses