Ziad Nakad newest style bridal dresses for women in 2015

Ziad Nakad is a talent designers from Lebanon, he designed wedding dresses which is romantic , elegance and full of rich exotic features. His latest 2015 “White Realm” wedding dresses series, the overall design is use of white tone, it is showing a brand of exclusive elegance, lace embellishment, perspective design is sexy yet stylish. Are you want to try a bold style of brides, you can hurry to try it on!

Ziad Nakad lace mermaid wedding dress

White wedding dress as classic style for photographed, delicate lace pattern is covered the whole body, it has a return to nature feelings.

Ziad Nakad flowers mermaid wedding dress

Strapless wedding dresses use this two fabrics, the elegant posture looks so feminine.

Ziad Nakad 2015 v neck lace wedding dress

 Ziad Nakad lace v neck appliques ball gown wedding dress in 2015

Wedding dress with a transparent veil, the overall image has changed instantly, the feeling of falling to the ground is so romantic.

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Top 5 notes of wedding dress shopping

If you have a headache about your wedding dress, take a look at Kleinfeld’s recommend to everyone in last Friday night’s TLC program. Wedding dress shopping history dates back to 1700 years ago, but even so, there are many errors and traps while purchase the wedding dress. Want a perfect wedding dress, you must prepared in all respects, today we will tell you the top 5 do’s should be noted.

wedding dress from weddingbuy

Image source: fimd more mermaid wedding dresses at weddingbuy.co.uk

Note One: have the plan of time.

Since the moment you want to customize the wedding dress, you should have a specific timetable. If you have reached the bridal salon, but do not know when the wedding will have or the time is very close to the wedding, then your designer is unable to help you design the wedding gown. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the wedding dress process, almost each wedding dress will take 4-8 months to complete, so you have to make a timetable.

Note Two: Do not bring too many friends when buying wedding dress.

The wedding dress is for the bride to wear, if you take a lot of girlfriends or family go and hwlp you select the wedding gown, then they can only make you more anxious. The aesthetic is not the same for everyone, but the wedding dress is selected for your own, listen to your own thoughts in your heart is the most important.

Note Three: make your own budgets.

In the customization process, modification is charged. If you do not want to exceed the budget too much, then you must try to make the wedding dress perfect one time according to your needs. This could be considered one of the traps while shopping, modify wedding dress costs is likely to make your wedding fee increases hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a sudden.

Note Four: Do not give up fashionable elements.

Many brides think that the wedding dress should be dignified, elegant and classic. In fact, disagree, if you plus your creativity or the current popular elements on the basis elements for one wedding gown, it is the really only one wedding dress belongs to you.

Note Five: Do not look at the wedding dress pictures with the camera.

It’s a big different between pictures shoot out with the camera and wearing a wedding dress in a real. And also it’s not well to give picked good wedding dress photos to your friends to get some pertinent suggestions. What they see is absolutely not true about you appearance wearing a wedding dress, so there is nothing value about the suggestions. Brides who need someone to recommend, it’s best let them see you look wearing a wedding dress.

Let wedding dress show your figure perfectly

Kim Kardashian's wedding dress

If you have a perfect figure, it has concave and convex like Kim Kardashian, then on the wedding dresses selection, you should expose your mermaid-like figure to the extreme, let your other half think that he is the most fortunate men in the world!

Hayley Paige's champagne a-line strapless satin wedding dress

Hayley Paige

Champagne satin wedding dress is give us a luxurious texture, strapless wedding dress can also show your charming collarbone.

YolanCris v-neck lace wedding dress


Deep V neckline make you a good figure be vividly portrayed, in contrast, lace fabric is filled with a deep sense of feminine flavor, plus an eye-catching belt which is give you an hourglass figure do visual cut.

Pronovias sweetheart lace mermaid wedding dress


The classic heart-shaped collar is look so elegant, lace pattern wrap decoration give us the unusual temperament.

Patricia Avenda's big mermaid wedding dress

Patricia Avenda

If you want to go a little drama wind, this oversize fishtail wedding dress is definitely fit for you, deep-V design is waiting for you to put on sexy goddess arrived.

Lusan Mandongus's yarn wedding dress

Lusan Mandongus

Strap collar without undue to show the body, long flowing gauze skirt let you go to have a little princess to wear long into the early temperament.

Juana Martin's satin mermaid wedding dress

Juana Martin

Like to play fashion bride is definitely a big fan for this wedding dress, it is no complicated lace rhinestone floral decoration but only has simple satin, even if it is cover tightly but also full of Queen Fan.

strapless mermaid wedding dress with diamond

Dennis Basso

Gorgeous diamond studded the jacket, a strong luxury sense is hit!

Amanda Wyatt's mermaid strapless wedding dress

Amanda Wyatt

Attention to the detail! Fine diamond inlay between oblique dress chest and cross section, in the opposite direction can let more hourglass figure of a girl do a narrow on the vision is too full.

What kinds of wedding dress is Gaga like?

Recently, in Toronto, Canada, the Lady Gaga was photographed shopping bridal dresses store, will overturn gaga also get married? It has long given gaga stand out modelling, what kinds of wedding dresses can foil more her strange aura?

Vera Wang's black and white a-line wedding dressVera Wang wedding dresses

Vera Wang’s prominent corset style black and white wedding dress is very good. It is the same purpose with Gaga black and white style.

metal color wedding dressNaeem Khan 2015 Spring Series

I believes that Gaga’s domineering metal wind style also let you remember, gaga is so like the weird metal and fit it good, why not to choose a metal wind wedding dress? Naeem Khan 2015 spring series of metal and white silk combination wedding dress is definitely the preferred choose for gaga metal wind dress.

Satin gown wedding dressElizabeth Fillmore 2015 Spring Series

When the Elizabeth Fillmore 2015 spring series was show, Are you faint concerns for this season like satin wedding dress market? Now you can be assured , gaga is favor of pajamas paragraph netizens to see, if the gaga choose this style wedding dress, I believe Elizabeth Fillmore’s wedding dress will surely become explosion models.

Perspective wedding dressHoughton 2015 Spring Series

Perspective is one of the most commonly used modelling gaga, bold clairvoyant outfit can stand out with gaga match the drama, Houghton 2015 spring perspective wedding dresses, I believe that it will become the show weapon for gaga in her wedding.

white v neck wedding dress with sleevesTheia White 2015 Spring Series

That wearing a white dress and holding flowers is really gaga? I will tell you, it is yes indeed. In many times, gaga have opted out of the street style, this white dress is one of the “elegant” style for gaga. Theia White 2015 this spring series wedding gowns must have been able to win the gaga’s hearts and minds.

4 fashion style red wedding dresses in 2014

Now the couple get married who will wear a wedding dress, it is not only white wedding dress popular, but also the red wedding dress is also very popular. Now we will recommend 4 style wedding dresses for you.

red strapless lace A-line wedding dress

Sexy strapless wedding dress has half lace, half the yarn, plus a small tail dragging, when you wear it, let you produce a dream like fairy feeling. There is a layer of transparent gauze on the outside skirt, it has leaves on the yarn as background, let the wedding dress has more dream-like.

rose red sweetheart mermaid wedding dressSweet heart-shaped neckline, mermaid skirt so that the whole person is very tall, it demonstrates the bride’s body perfectly. Coupled with rose petals on the dress, layer by layer, it is like looking at a wedding, and everyone scatters the petals can meet new people into the marriage hall step by step.

red off shoulder wedding dress with sleevesThe bateau collar design integrated into the Chinese Cheongsam elements, the elegant off shoulder design with sleevs make the sexy collarbone looming in turn revealed, sexy and elegant dual display, the skirt turn-dimensional layers design highlights the women’s cute character who reveal a hint of sexy.

v-neck chiffon red wedding dressRed sleeveless dress design, simplicity but not simple, it is fill with happiness beaming. The hem plus decorative Chinese classical elements to bring out the bride’s classic beauty, it is like a flower fairy, stunning the audience, the highly anticipated.

Top 4 Monique Lhuillier wedding dress in 2015

What kinds of surprise will bring to us for the famous American Asian Monique Lhuillier wedding dress designer in 2015? Monique Lhuillier bring many beautiful style wedding dresses for brides in spring and summer, within lace with long sleeves wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dress ect., the style is various.
purple blue wedding dress with flowers

No matter what you like simple and generous personality type girl or romantic dream sweet girl, it is ready for you in this new series. To wear romantic purple blue dress which is exudes an aromatic flavor, silver high-heeled sandals is also very commendable, if the bride to wear who can be used with silver rhinestone high heels, so that both mysterious and noble.

lace v-neck a-line wedding dress

Thin dust white wedding dress with lace crochet stitching, sexy low cut with hair accessories which make you full of dream and romantic feelings.

white wedding dress with embroidery

Monique Lhuillier wedding dress is a loyal supporter of colors, dozens of colorful wedding dress, there is always one can win your heart.

chiffon wedding dress

Its romantic, dreamy, beautiful style much for Hollywood stars, it is focusing on exquisite hand-stitched but also retains the beautiful traditional for wedding dress.

CHRISTOS 2015 Spring Summer Wedding Dresses Show

CHRISTOS affiliated AMSALE which is another creative direction wedding brand led by Amsale Aberra. It established as a classic romantic bride haute couture line.

CHRISTOS founded by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannako. Christos Yiannakou retired in 2005 20 years later in his leadership of the brand and the brand took over by Amsale Aberra. As creative director of CHRISTOS, Amsale Aberra she not only in support of heritage, but also add a modern perception for into the series.

Amsale Aberra one hand takes CHRISTOS as a timeless classic, on the one hand takes it as a natural extension of her own series wedding dresses. Unlike AMSALE series reflects the modern United States because of their heart romantic side. Amsale Aberra will take CHRISTOS as its own traditional bringing a fairy-tale soft romantic feel.

CHRISTOS dress stick their heirloom-like quality, which uses the most first-class silk and French lace has become a brand identity, particularly in the use of the most classic lace Allen.

christos12big.jpg.360X540 christos01big.jpg.360X540 christos02big.jpg.360X540 christos03big.jpg.360X540 christos04big.jpg.360X540 christos05big.jpg.360X540 christos06big.jpg.360X540 christos07big.jpg.360X540 christos08big.jpg.360X540 christos10big.jpg.360X540 christos11big.jpg.360X540

Bridal dresses trend 2014 – colorful

Pink Wedding Dresses : blushing brides.
Call it blush, rose or petal, wedding dresses in shades of pink are hot favorites for brides looking for an alternative to white or ivory in 2013. This trend is set to continue in 2014, with more vibrant varieties of pink (coral, cerise, and raspberry), satiny champagne pink, vintage-inspired powdery hues (such dusty rose), ombre and multi-tonal colors.

Beyond Pink Wedding Dresses: colorful wedding dresses
Metallic, jewel-tone and even neon. These are hardly words you would normally associate with bridal gowns but we’re slowly seeing more designers introducing these unconventional bridal colors into their designs, whether as an accent, or as the main color. Peach, lilac and pale blue are romantic alternatives to soft pink wedding gowns while brides looking for a luxurious look can try dresses with detailing in silver or gold.

 wedding dresses 2014

Colored Lace/Embroidey
While all-over lace gowns have been a perennial favorite in the bridal world, wedding dresses which feature contrasting lace or embroidered accents is a trend that is gaining ground and turning heads. White lace over pale colored gowns are sweet and romantic, while darker embroidery on white dresses make for an unforgettable image. Gold lace adds a dramatic opulence to any look.

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Top 10 Gorgeous Cheap Romantic Wedding Dresses You can Wear for Big Day

Dear brides, are you still wondering what wedding dress you should wear for your big day?
Wondering which wedding gown is the best for you now?
And also there must be the question where is my perfect wedding gown for my big big day.

The last question, whether the dress can be cheap if i have little budget under 500$?
I want the wedding the best and perfectly, i want the best and the most romantic bride gown.
Yes, yes, all you wish should be come true and will come true.
Here i just choose the top 10 gorgeous cheap wedding gowns for your choice, i believe every bride can find her dream bride gown.
Vintage princess ball gown with fashionable half or long sleeves made of lace, it’s never out of fashion.
Chiffon mermaid pleats wedding dress is the best gorgeous dress for bride who love simple fashion element.
Mermaid beaded lace with straps or sweetheart neckline design will make the bride elegant and sweet shining on the big day surely.
So, dear, what’s your choice?


princess lace wedding gown

princess tulle wedding gown mermaid wedding dress with lace details

lace princess wedidng dress with half sleeves mermaid lace wedding dress with beading

princess wedding gonw with embroidery and sash

wedding dress with long sleeves

princess wedding gown with embroidery

wedding dress with ruffles 0

Top 5 Vintage Chinese Dreamy Red Wedding Dresses

Be different with western countries’ wedding dresses tradition, the eastern country, China, has its own wedding tradition. Wedding dress which is the most important part of wedding in west, it is also the most different part from China. Chinese are used to wear traditional cheongsam for their wedding, and the color must be red. Because of they believe the color red can bring the good luck to their life in the future and also the red is the lucky color for any happy formal occasions.

Here come the top 5 eastern Chinese dreamy red wedding dresses, vintage style you will be shocked.

Top 1> Peach Halter Neck Appliques Chinese Mermaid Red Wedding Dress

red wedding dress

Top 2> Vintage Beading Front Split Lace Embroidery Peach Cheongsam

red wedding dress

Top 3> Peach and Black Halter Neck Deep V-neck Backless Wedding Dress

red wedding dress

Top 4> Pink Short Sleeveless Sequined Appliques Lace Mermaid Cheongsam

 red wedding dress

Top 5> Empire Long Sleeves Vintage Purple Red Embroidery Cheongsam

red wedding dress

So how do you think of the 5 red wedding dresses? Will you accept your wedding dress in red and it will be in what style?

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