The little things about bridal accessories

You are a classic bride and want to innovate in the look of the accessories? Or enjoys a more modern look that matches the style of your wedding gown?

Today, the bridal accessories may include earrings and rings with stones that are beyond the standard, like colorful pearls and emeralds. If you prefer yellow gold, may invest up wreaths this accessoriesThe possibilities are many and who will dictate the preference is you. But we can give help. After all, is very attuned to the trends you bump the look.

One way to enhance your wedding dress, if it is not rich in detail, is to invest in max collar, max rings and earrings max. Of course, all eat right dosage not to get a heavy look. A yellow gold head accessory or bronze can escape the traditional silver with rhinestones and bring a very glamorous bridal look.bridal makeupAnother very creative option is to use earrings, bracelets and rings of other colors, leaving the neutral. Why not use an earring with red stones, or green, or yellow? The white dress or off white is a charm when combined with colored accessories.

Liked the tips? So take advantage to find your wedding dress on!


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