The little things about bridal accessories

You are a classic bride and want to innovate in the look of the accessories? Or enjoys a more modern look that matches the style of your wedding gown?

Today, the bridal accessories may include earrings and rings with stones that are beyond the standard, like colorful pearls and emeralds. If you prefer yellow gold, may invest up wreaths this accessoriesThe possibilities are many and who will dictate the preference is you. But we can give help. After all, is very attuned to the trends you bump the look.

One way to enhance your wedding dress, if it is not rich in detail, is to invest in max collar, max rings and earrings max. Of course, all eat right dosage not to get a heavy look. A yellow gold head accessory or bronze can escape the traditional silver with rhinestones and bring a very glamorous bridal look.bridal makeupAnother very creative option is to use earrings, bracelets and rings of other colors, leaving the neutral. Why not use an earring with red stones, or green, or yellow? The white dress or off white is a charm when combined with colored accessories.

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Those Sophisticated Bridesmaid Dress Codes

Want to be the perfect bridesmaid? To achieve this look, we present to you today some beautiful dresses for bridesmaids, in fact the most beautiful guests at the wedding, which look so elegant, refined and sophisticated.

Dresses for wedding guests – when you are invited as bridesmaid of the bride

Every bride and her bridesmaids may also not be forgotten in the search for beautiful bridesmais dresses for upcoming wedding that the clothes really are yet another symbol of love between members of a community of women. They express their feelings, let us know that one of them leaves the single life forever, now married and continue their day and their lives spent with the man she loves.

Check out the following gorgeous bridesmaid gowns and find something special that you like. The colors vary from light pink to purple, and the modern mint color is also present here. If you love strong, vibrant colors, you can get a bridesmaid dress wear dark blue or burgundy. The fabrics are satin, chiffon, cotton and natural silk. The decorations are sparingly and mostly consist of bending, valances and draperies of the substance.

green Bridesmaid Dresses

blue Bridesmaid Dresses

cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

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Those celebrity bridesmaids on the wedding party

celebrity bridesmaids

Whether your aunt or your friends, you will never be able to predict which day you will be their bridesmaids, maybe bridesmaid dress is not your ideal style or your favorite color, but bride is the most important in the wedding day, all the focus of all that belongs to her. The bridesmaids do is to accompany those shy bride, and gave her full blessing and love, then gracefully through the day, of course, outside the spotlight of the stars who will be a friend or a close family bridesmaid, let us look at the most competent stars bridesmaids, bridesmaid dresses with reference to their choice!

Pippa Middelton at her sister princess Kate wedding

Pippa Middelton’s long white bridesmaid dress on Princess Kate’s wedding in 2011

Pippa Middelton

2011 Princess Kate’s sister Pippa Middelton, she worn Alexander McQueen’s custom dress in Princess Kate and William’s wedding, her elegant figure made her become one of the most famous bridesmaids.

Rihanna's purple bridesmaid dressRihanna

Rihanna was wearing purple bridesmaid dress on her assistant Jennifer Rosale’s wedding in April.

Georgia May Jagger's grey bridesmaid dressGeorgia May Jagger

The Singer Leah Wood2008 wedding have many big stars, bridesmaids include British supermodel Georgia May Jagger as well as child actress Jemima Kirke.

Lena Dunham's chiffon gray bridesmaid dress

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham as her best girlfriends Isabel Halley’s bridesmaids organized in June 2014 wedding.

Kate Bosworth's black bridesmaid dresses

Kate Bosworth’s black bridesmaid dress on her friend wedding in 2008

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth was wearing a special black bridesmaid dresses to attend a friend’s wedding in 2008.

Jennifer Lawrence as bridesmaid on her brother's weddingJennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence (the right one) as a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding in August 2014.