Three young stylish bright color formal dresses

Although the bride and groom are the protagonist of wedding, there is nobody wants to robbed their thunder, but it does not means that everyone is wearing the mundane. In fact, the wedding is a good place when a lot of people is starting a new romance. If you want to attract the opposite sex on the wedding, you can wear a bright formal dress. To wear lively light-colored dress, so that a good friend’s wedding is no longer bleak, but also let you find peach in the new year!

modern one shoulder fold formal dress

This one shoulder pleated dress with one shoulder design, make the clothes more than general dress a hale, designers proper pleat, add level for skirt and stereo feeling, and adopted the extremely strong pink and tonal, put on it will bring good peach blossom for you!

blue chiffon short formal dress

Elegant short chiffon blue formal dress

This elegant dress with overlapping cutting way build a vertical object and administrative levels feeling, full of bright sapphire blue noble charming, is bright and elegant choice. Thin vertical drop half of real silk fabrics, elegant charm, all show elegant temperament, only with simple style of high heels could easily attract millions of eyeballs.

purple lace patterns formal dressShort lace purple patterns formal dress

The jacquard lace dress adopted clipping cultivate one’s morality, highlights the female body and exquisite curvaceous, in the form of jacquard lace design, more than ordinary lace fabric texture. Symmetrical pattern more an architectural art breath, mysterious purple show fashionable and elegant beauty.


5 fashion style bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid style is not stereotyped, through dress and holding flowers cleverly echoes, which you will find endless charming! Today we will give you five bridesmaid style to show the bridesmaid fashion.

water color bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

One: water color, garden style

As watercolor charming style theme, water color bridesmaid dress with a soft bouquet, shallow and soft feeling is especially fits for spring and summer outdoor wedding. It does not require cumbersome accessories, the more simple, it will be more beautiful!

white and orange color bridesmaid dressTwo: Tropical style

Want more summer passionate feelings? Let coral, peach pink, orange to help you! Bright colors of peonies, dahlias, as well as a very tropical plants is more supporting this style.

yellow bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The girl is wearing yellow bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Three: Exquisite Modern style

With delicate silhouette of bright yellow silk dress is especially for fits for modern wedding, you have to do the one thing that the bouquet is as concise as possible, a simple bow can do it all.

dot short bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

Four: Popular printing

Do you want to follow the trends? Dress with print dress for your bridesmaids! Polka Dot skirt with a full bouquet is very praise, Yamagata patterns, stripes, flowers and printing are a good choice.

white lace short bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The bridesmaid is wearing white lace bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Five: beautiful and romantic

White lace dress with a bouquet babysbreath fits for romantic and fresh wedding. Accessories is also try to choose a soft style, but try to use bright colors, such as yellow, escape out is good choice!