Three fashion style purple bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses colors are relative more varied. Today, I will introduce three purple bridesmaid gowns for you to creating a mature female noble royal style. This three style bridesmaid are main as purple color, it has a strong visual impact and grab the people’s attentions instantly. Flowing skirt, expensive look, sophisticated makeup, perfect match which are showing the bridesmaid’s maturity and charming.

light purple long bridesmaid dress

Elegant long light purple bridesmaid dress

This light purple style, the chiffon fabric make this dress more flowing, it is so elegant. The upper body use the lace farbic. It is adds more sexy for the dress. Floor length is more suitable for tall brides, with long hair, it is so elegant yet stylish.

color block purple bridesmaid dress

Color block purple bridesmaid dresses Australia

The color block satin bridesmaid dress is looks more modern. With curly hair, so fashionable. Short design is more comfortable for bridesmaid to help brides do something. Purple color is show the girl’s mature charming.

lace purple bridesmaid dressSexy v neck long purple lace bridesmaid dress

This style bridesmaid dress looks very simple. But it is not affect the dress fashion sense. V neck style make the neck look more slender. The dress is full of lace fabrics. Sheath design is show the bridesmaid beautiful figure. This style is more suitable for mature and elegant women.


4 tulle wedding dresses for summer wedding

4 tulle wedding dresses for summer wedding, it is fresh yet sexy, quickly to see it now. 

chepel train tulle wedding dress

Tulle fabric with natural drape can temporarily hide the not perfect body shape.

fuchsia ball gown empire tulle wedding dressEmpire tulle wedding dress is a magic for not perfect waistline brides. Waist naturally drawn to the A-line skirt perfectly modified curve.

Dual shoulder straps ball gown tulle wedding dress

Shoulder design can bring a sense of security for the special time brides, at least it is not to change underwear, so you can get more sense of security, especially in the winter. The waist coat style can be a visual focus on the upper body.

sequins and pearls blue wedding dressDesign formed an inverted triangle pattern in the visually which is play a role to modified waist, sequins and pearls decorations add more stunning for the whole wedding dress. This style tulle wedding dress is very suitable for outdoor wedding.

7 bridesmaid group colored dresses for women in 2015

Combined with bridesmaid’s own body and temperament characteristics to choose the unique style bridesmaid dresses for your sister!

light yellow short bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: Knee length light yellow bridesmaid dresses

Light yellow

Colored skin, colored hair, the same smile, the same sweet …… it is really a good picture!

long light green strapless bridesmaid dresses

Light green

The bride is wearing white wedding dress, but bridesmaid group chose similar style four light green dresses. Red Green dotted holding flowers, location have a sense of harmony?

light blue short strapless bridesmaid dresses

Short strapless light blue bridesmaid dresses

Light Blue

Improved design, the collar is low-key blues decals, so that the blue color is exceptionally quiet. It looks great temperament. Note Well, the bride’s bouquet there with the bridesmaid dress color photograph echo of light purple.

purple bridesmaid dresses


With shades of purple, various styles of bridesmaid dresses, Who said the bridesmaid will require the same? This is also too good for it? Love this casual beauty, without polish. Smile is the best decorations.

red lace short bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: red short lace bridesmaid dresses by

Big Red

In China, people might be more difficult to accept the bridesmaids who dressed in bright red dress, but the figure is really seductive bridesmaid group, decided to share with you!

brown short bridesmaid dresses


In fact, dark colors is really not too ugly, but also it will highlight the bride’s exceptionally holy temperament.┬áThis tone is really need to look at individual temperament, but it is not everyone who can master just right.

bright orange long bridesmaid dressesBright orange

Most people is difficult to try on this color, but the overall style will be particularly lively, dynamic.