“Magic forest” lawn wedding for brides in spring

A unique outdoor wedding dress is a dream for a lot of people, to walk the green lawn and then hold your wife to get married, today we will give your exclusive lawn wedding party, pink is main colors, coupled with green lawn, fresh and natural, beautiful and romantic.

pink wedding background white chair with pink belt pink flowers and chair with pink belt

Hollow-out the vault, a circle of red and white flowers, flowers pavilion design is lovely, princess fan, main and without any obvious way, just on the chair is on both sides of the flowers and balloons, out of the way and seat one integrated mass, make the whole wedding pure and fresh and clean.

white vault with pink flowers pink cake and pink flowers pink flowers

Whole is pink, match each other, mutual set off, sign in machine design has a big back, make the scene more have a sense of fulfillment, all-round collocation, put the wedding fill have qualitative feeling more, overall contrast will feel the scene of the beautiful and magnificent.

pink cloth pink flowers and cloth pink table cloth

This pink background is so beautiful, it is very suitable for spring law wedding, if you have many bridesmaids, you can let your bridesmaid wear pink dress, it will become the most beautiful landscape on your wedding.

pink long bridesmaid dresses

Long pink bridesmaid dresses by http://www.dressesmallau.com


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