Top 3 ways to choose practical bridesmaid dresses 2015

As the wedding supplier weddingbuy we know a thing or two about what bridesmaids want. We’ve seen you searching for everything from “elegant” to “navy blue” to “lace,” and we want to make sure you find exactly what your heart desires. That’s why we’re launching an exclusive collection of dresses for maids on the weddings! This is the collection you’ve been searching for (literally). We’ve seen what styles, colors, and fabrics you’ve been searching for, so we decided to give you exactly what you want. There’s something in this collection for you. Here we suggest you top 3 ways to find practical bridesmaid dresses.


You will actually want to wear these dresses again and again. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you’ve definitely heard this sentence before: “You can totally wear this dress again!” But we all know that not all bridesmaid dresses are created equally, so we wanted to step up things up for all your lovely ladies. The vintage-inspired dresses in our collection are not only flattering, they’re chic and comfortable, too. Your girls will definitely find reasons to re-wear their dresses after the wedding — everywhere from bridal showers to baby showers to another wedding…you name it. And those little white dresses you’ve collected from all your wedding-related festivities? Throw them on for date night!


Image source: mismatched pink bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy

You can get in on the mix and match trend. The mismatched bridesmaid look is so on point right now, which is why we felt it was important to make sure our entire collection complemented each other. If you want to dress all your girls in the same exact dress, you totally can. But if you want to switch things up by picking a mix of colors and fabrics, you can do that, too!


We understand that not every bridesmaid wants to wear a long traditional dress as she accompany with the bride, which is why we designed a selection of little white dresses for you. So whether you’re getting hitched at City Hall, on the beach or at an home affair, you can look oh-so-stunning without having to try too hard.

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Bridesmaid dresses color trends 2015.


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