Hot 10 colors of bridesmaid dresses 2015

The bridesmaid dresses 2015 are various from color white to black and elegant to sexy style, chiffon to tulle fabric. What we can conclude is that bridesmaid gown is more and more pretty fashionable that bridesmaids can show more personality by choosing the best suitable bridesmaid gown. Here I want to talk about the colors about bridesmaid dress in 2015, the top 10 colors you can choose to prepare the dress to plan a wonderful wedding.

blush pink bridesmaid dresses

Pink is such a rosy and feminine color, and a natural and romantic choice for wedding party attire. Pink bridesmaid dresses can range from a barely-there blush to a vibrant hot pink, with many beautiful hues in between! Here are some of my favorite pink dresses for bridesmaids in shoppable format!


Image source: silver gray bridesmaid dresses on weddingbuy

Silver grey bridesmaid dress is in a shade called “Fancy Nickel” by Ann Taylor. I love putting grey with yellow, sage green, navy, lavender, and pinks of all shades, but today I decided to put peach accessories with it for a little change. While silver or pearl accessories would also be a fine choice, peach is subtle bit of color that adds a golden warmth and an unexpected color combination.

While silver sandals are also natural pairing with silver, I thought a neutral strappy sandal would add a nice wear-it-again shoe, since a neutral shoe in any color that blends with one’s own skin tone always seems to elongate the leg no matter what the outfit. Add a pretty peach bouquet with a little bit of sparkle to it, and your bridesmaids are ready for the aisle in style!

gold bridesmaid dresses

Gold has become one of the most popular wedding colors or accent colors in recent weddings, and it seems like it will continue to be a popular pick for the foreseeable future!

If you are thinking of including gold in your wedding party attire, but your taste trends more toward subtlety than sequins, this look was made with you in mind! This dress is a perfect classic silhouette with a fit and flare style that would look good on anyone and would have definite wear-again possibilities. The fabric is a subtle pastel brocade with gold thread woven through — this shade in a minty gold, and there is also ivory gold (which is lovely and looks slightly more silver) and there are also blue and pink tinged dresses.


Image source: sage green bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy

Sage green is a color choice inspired by the savory herb, sage, that flavors some of the aromatic cuisine this time of year.  Sage is a beautiful color for fall or winter weddings; to me, it’s an idea combination of a pale green with a bit of blue and gray. More on this lovely sage green bridesmaid dresses on weddingbuy.

pastel champagne bridesmaid dresses

Image source: champagne bridesmaid dresses on weddingbuy

As a person who loves neutrals, and paints all the rooms in her house various shades of beige, I must recommend champagne bridesmaid dresses.

I think nothing looks quite so elegant as bridesmaids all lined up in a pale taupe or champagne. I especially love the look with long gowns, and I also like variations of it like this mismatched bridesmaid look.  A long gown in a neutral color is just so regal for a black tie wedding, but it would also fit for a beach bridesmaid, or a garden wedding bridesmaid. I love how it pairs with blush, gold, silver and black or cream. There’s so much you can do with this, and it keeps the textures interesting, and you can adjust the colors to keep it from looking washed out.


Pastels will forever have a place in wedding attire, and the soothing pale green shade of mint has been a mainstay of wedding colors for several years now. Perhaps one reason for its longevity is, in addition to being a soothing shade, it seemingly evolves slightly each season. Many of this year’s mint dresses are in barely-there shades of green with more soft gray and blue undertones mixed in than previous seasons. These dresses are available in new dressy jersey fabrics, matte silks, crepes, and embellished styles. Because mint is available from many bridesmaid dress collections and in such array of fabrics, using mint as your bridesmaid dress color is a great starting point for creating a mismatched look.


A lavender color scheme is always a great choice for spring and summer weddings. As far as accessories, I love how bright like coral, pistachio green, and yellow pair with this lavender shade.


Image source: brown bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy

If there’s one color I certainly haven’t featured enough in my style collages, it’s brown. In my own wardrobe I wear brown quite a bit–especially in fall–but I haven’t come across a brown dress with wedding-ready look that has inspired me.


Coral color is a great shade for a wedding in any setting, the peach and pink undertones of this color are simply fantastic for a beach wedding. The contrast of this orange tone against the blue sea and neutral sand is ideal, and really pops in pictures!


Peach tones abound in wedding themes — one can literally use the fruit as decor, or just rely on the hue to give a romantic glow to the day. It’s the perfect compromise to pink and because of it’s touch of orange, with just a hint of blush. To get things started, here are some of pins on Pinterest for Peach bridesmaid dresses ideas.

My advice is always to pick the venue before you even think about your bridesmaids will wear, because the setting really can dictate what look works. Chiffon, cotton, and light gauzy jersey materials are light and ideal for the beach; heavy thick satins or non-breathable synthetics are not!  If you’re planning a beach or destination wedding, plan on a dress that will hold up to sun, ocean mist, humidity, and sand all the other fun the beach can bring!


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