Some tips to teach you how to choose wedding dress in fall and winter

1 Keep warm

Compared to the spring and summer, autumn and winter will seems cool, you can not choose silk, chiffon, satin, large mesh fabric those feel cool fabrics when you select the wedding dresses . You should choose some thick warm fabrics.

Raiders: If you’r wedding dress is strapless style, you can consider to add a piece of clothing, such as long sleeves, bring a jacket, or a luxury fur shawl, elegant small gloves are the best choice.

purple mermaid wedding dress

2 How to wear sexy strapless wedding dress

Both warmth and beauty is not possiblity for winter brides, if you want to have strapless wedding dress in cool winter to become a sexy bride, it is a dream for most brides, but how to wear such sexy strapless wedding dress?

Raiders: The best way is accompanied by a wedding dress with the color of fur shawl. It is better to choose comfortable texture,thick,strong insulation fabrics, such as velvet, corduroy warm colors or have the effect of sequined fabric for strapless wedding dress.

black strapless mermaid wedding dress

3 Do not superstitious white wedding dress

Fall and winter is already cold season, pure white wedding dress is less romantic and fun in this season.

Raiders: 2014 autumn and winter wedding dresses trends, it is not the single color, it will become a bit colorful. Such as white wedding dress plus a little red or champagne embellishment, it is prominent in the sense of color jumping. Brides can make a bold color wedding dress when you choose the wedding dress. To choose some bright color will more warmth and happiness in fall and winter.

one shoulder beige chiffon wedding dress

4 Do not give priority to fancy styles

Bride-to-be definitely think that they will show the most beauty in the wedding day, it will pick up some complex and new style, due to cool for fall and winter, some long trailling wedding dress will make us feel redundant.


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