Jennifer Lopez: Life with My Kids

Jennifer Lopez on Love and Life as a Mom

Jennifer Lopez is in her bedroom, nestled under a cozy blanket by the fireplace, when two excited voices call from the downstairs hall of her sprawling hillside home in L.A. “Mommmaaa!” shouts her 6-year-old son Max as he and his twin sister, Emme, bound into the front hall from after-school piano lessons. “I’m up here, baby!” Lopez yells back.

The children pad up the curving grand staircase and make a beeline for their mother to talk about their day: the music lesson, what’s for dinner (Chinese chicken and vegetables), the name of Emme’s new stuffed pig (Christmas Carol).

It’s all refreshingly wholesome, right down to the limited “screen time” the kids are allowed (only on weekends and regular FaceTime chats with their father, Marc Anthony, from whom Lopez separated in 2011). “In two months it’s my birthday, and I’ll be 7,” says Emme. “Then I’ll be 8 and then 9, then 10, then 11 – and when I’m 12, I get to play with my electronics more!”

Any kid will tell you waiting for what you really, really want can be hard. Turns out it’s not so easy for adults either – even if they are world-famous, rich and so stunning at 45 that it must be sorcery. Lopez, who stars in the thriller The Boy Next Door, out Jan. 23, admits that when it comes to love, patience hasn’t been her strength. “I always found my comfort in another person,” says the star.



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