Top 4 tips for different ideas of bridesmaids dresses choice

The choice of bridesmaid dresses is a most difficult decision for a bride. You must not only show their own desires and preferences, but also consider the preferences of your bridesmaids into consideration. Choose dresses for a whole group of bridesmaids can be a challenge, because they differ in size, weight, complexion … and last but not least budget. Of course, the bride should be the focus, but this does not mean that the bridesmaids may not feel comfortable in their clothes. Today we have top 4 tips for different styling ideas for bridesmaids that you would find interesting.

red bridesmaid dresses

Image source: red bridesmaid dresses on weddingbuy

1. All the same.

Bridesmaid dresses are all look the same. This was the control for a long time. All bridesmaids wearing exactly the same dress in the same color and have the same style. This styling is nice if all the bridesmaids have the same body types and a uniform look is achieved. This is often the fastest and common decision. But if you want to introduce a small, different element, you can wear different shoes or jewelry.

purple bridesmaid dress

Image source: purple bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy

2. The same color, different shape.

Increasingly nowadays allow brides bridesmaids, each to choose a dress that you like it best, but on the condition that it should correspond to the wedding. This idea is perfect for bridesmaids who have totally different body types. Another reason of this styling recommends – the same material and length, only different shape. One bridesmaid dress can be in a strapless, one shoulder or straps neckline in the same color.


3. The same style, different colors.

Bridesmaids group can choose the same style of dress, but color can be different for each person, if the number is more, you can choose 2-3 colors to make the bridesmaids group look more dynamic.


4. Two-Piece style with a skirt and top.

This style is not so common, but it looks very interesting. Another reason why bridesmaids are sometimes not very impressed with their clothes is the fact that you can not wear the dress for all occasions after the wedding. But a two-piece outfit would reduce this risk and bridesmaids can create completely different looks for other events after the wedding.

Consider all aspects when choosing bridesmaid dresses – fabric, length, color, neckline, sleeves and silhouette. The fabric most frequently used for bridesmaids dresses are chiffon, satin, silk taffeta and lace. Select the material that complement the wedding dress and will be comfortable for the bridesmaids. As for the length of the bridesmaid dress there are floor-length, short or tea length. Choose the length that suits the wedding style. Short bridesmaid dresses are ideal for beach wedding. However, formal weddings require floor-length bridesmaid dresses. The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses should match the wedding dress. When choosing the color you consider the season. There are several options for the Neckline: V-Neck, Sweetheart, Mandarin Neck, Boat neck etc. Silhouette of the bridesmaids: A-line, Ball Gown, mermaid etc.


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