Description of a good bridesmaid workflow

You must be very nervous at first time to be your sisters’ bridesmaid, right? Because don’t have the experience and also don’t know the specific contents of a bridesmaid job in the wedding. Here we tell you about how to do a good intimate bridesmaid.

Purple bridesmaid dresses

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1, Search on the Internet looking for information about the notes of the bridesmaid and the wedding process, be aware of the wedding details.

2, Discuss with the bride about meeting time and place and hotel location (finalized one week before the wedding).

3, Arrive at the bride’s home timely, prepare absent items (such as bouquet), and some may even decorate the venue. At this point you must pay attention to more communication, the bride has been dizzy busy, bridesmaids should be sober, take more care to prepare all the things that should ready for the wedding. Do not think that the bride and groom will remember all the things for their own wedding, take their wedding as yours, after all a successful wedding is everyone expectation. If there are conditions, recommend the bride and groom practice on the spot, so you can have experience and do well on the wedding day.

4, Help the bride wear a wedding dress in the evening, for one hand bridesmaid is familiar with the dressing process, and second help the bride find feel. It’s best to wear a piece of cloth in the underlying wedding dress to prevent dust of the earth because of electrostatic attraction rubbing.

5, Monitor the bride to drink, aware the bride sleep early and place the things classified.

6, Get up earlier than the bride and finish washing before the bride at the next morning. When bride washing, bridesmaids make time to makeup yourself. And then take breakfast together with the bride.

7, During the bride making up, one main task of bridesmaid is clearing up her clothes and makeup, the second is checking the bride bring items such as: the bouquets, jewelry, etc. The most important thing is to convey and complete each bride’s directives, such as: the bride would like to drink water; bride is looking for people; the groom call; makeup artist is busy. In short, the bridesmaid must have “screw” spirit – go to where there is a need.

8, When the groom comes to get the bride, bridesmaid do the best to pick on the groom.

9, Once get off the car, clear up the ribbon sprinkled on the new couple. Check again about the bride make up, and send the goods to the changing room timely.


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