How to create a stylish bridesmaid group

If you want to have a rich stylish atmosphere wedding, mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a good choice. A combination of various colors or a single color can make your bridesmaids have more freedom of choice. They are wearing the dresses, it is a new interpretation of the traditional wedding color matching. Here’s a look at these helpful tips to teach you how to make different colors into your wedding party, the designer Amsale Abera will supply some constructive guidance to the brides.

bride and her bridesmaid groupHighlight your main bridesmaids

Print dress is a good choice. You can consider your main bridesmaids who wearing a print dress, so that it is distinguish to other styles of bridesmaid dresses.

Alternate colors
If you are worried about the large print dress does not look so obvious, you can consider to use a gradient bridesmaid dresses for bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dress color is from dark to light. This style bridesmaid dress has create an incredible visual effects (and super cute!).

Use a color group

If you can not find one color what you like, then different shades of the same color can help you solve all the troubles. You can let your bridesmaids choose the same style dress with different colors.


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