4 style mermaid evening dresses for you in 2015

Variety of mermaid evening dresses are not only showing off the female’s charming figure, a variety of classical beauty can give people an unforgettable impression! Now i will introduce 4 fashion mermaid evening dresses for you,i don’t know which one is your love?
oblique shoulder mermaid evening dressThe one shoulder inclined design evening dress can release the arms charming curve, it has a natural beauty. White and black gradual transition from the top to down, the classic is timeless. The flounced body design following the same principles from small to large side edge, it is graceful which give us the classical and orthodox impression.
pink flounced skirt mermaid dressPink satin gives a comfortable and elegant feelings. Fully expose the shoulders, chest, arms, and the middle of the waist design, fishtail hem design can fully show the women’s good posture. With shades of pink, sideways on both sides of ruffles cascading design is filling the elegant and charming temperament.
purple tulle evening dress
The chiffon is the main element for this purple evening dress which give us elegant feelings. The focus skirt falls below the hips unique design with a piece of petal-shaped tulle fishtail hem pile became beautiful, exaggerated lines which make women more beautiful.
purple layered silk flounced skirtThe skirt with a gorgeous noble silk fabric to meet the night of luxury, warm atmosphere. With all kinds of intertwined, layered approach to design evening dress, to focus on the use of the gorgeous lotus leaf decoration, it is better reflect the party’s grand.

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