What kinds of wedding dress is Gaga like?

Recently, in Toronto, Canada, the Lady Gaga was photographed shopping bridal dresses store, will overturn gaga also get married? It has long given gaga stand out modelling, what kinds of wedding dresses can foil more her strange aura?

Vera Wang's black and white a-line wedding dressVera Wang wedding dresses

Vera Wang’s prominent corset style black and white wedding dress is very good. It is the same purpose with Gaga black and white style.

metal color wedding dressNaeem Khan 2015 Spring Series

I believes that Gaga’s domineering metal wind style also let you remember, gaga is so like the weird metal and fit it good, why not to choose a metal wind wedding dress? Naeem Khan 2015 spring series of metal and white silk combination wedding dress is definitely the preferred choose for gaga metal wind dress.

Satin gown wedding dressElizabeth Fillmore 2015 Spring Series

When the Elizabeth Fillmore 2015 spring series was show, Are you faint concerns for this season like satin wedding dress market? Now you can be assured , gaga is favor of pajamas paragraph netizens to see, if the gaga choose this style wedding dress, I believe Elizabeth Fillmore’s wedding dress will surely become explosion models.

Perspective wedding dressHoughton 2015 Spring Series

Perspective is one of the most commonly used modelling gaga, bold clairvoyant outfit can stand out with gaga match the drama, Houghton 2015 spring perspective wedding dresses, I believe that it will become the show weapon for gaga in her wedding.

white v neck wedding dress with sleevesTheia White 2015 Spring Series

That wearing a white dress and holding flowers is really gaga? I will tell you, it is yes indeed. In many times, gaga have opted out of the street style, this white dress is one of the “elegant” style for gaga. Theia White 2015 this spring series wedding gowns must have been able to win the gaga’s hearts and minds.


4 fashion style red wedding dresses in 2014

Now the couple get married who will wear a wedding dress, it is not only white wedding dress popular, but also the red wedding dress is also very popular. Now we will recommend 4 style wedding dresses for you.

red strapless lace A-line wedding dress

Sexy strapless wedding dress has half lace, half the yarn, plus a small tail dragging, when you wear it, let you produce a dream like fairy feeling. There is a layer of transparent gauze on the outside skirt, it has leaves on the yarn as background, let the wedding dress has more dream-like.

rose red sweetheart mermaid wedding dressSweet heart-shaped neckline, mermaid skirt so that the whole person is very tall, it demonstrates the bride’s body perfectly. Coupled with rose petals on the dress, layer by layer, it is like looking at a wedding, and everyone scatters the petals can meet new people into the marriage hall step by step.

red off shoulder wedding dress with sleevesThe bateau collar design integrated into the Chinese Cheongsam elements, the elegant off shoulder design with sleevs make the sexy collarbone looming in turn revealed, sexy and elegant dual display, the skirt turn-dimensional layers design highlights the women’s cute character who reveal a hint of sexy.

v-neck chiffon red wedding dressRed sleeveless dress design, simplicity but not simple, it is fill with happiness beaming. The hem plus decorative Chinese classical elements to bring out the bride’s classic beauty, it is like a flower fairy, stunning the audience, the highly anticipated.

4 style mermaid evening dresses for you in 2015

Variety of mermaid evening dresses are not only showing off the female’s charming figure, a variety of classical beauty can give people an unforgettable impression! Now i will introduce 4 fashion mermaid evening dresses for you,i don’t know which one is your love?
oblique shoulder mermaid evening dressThe one shoulder inclined design evening dress can release the arms charming curve, it has a natural beauty. White and black gradual transition from the top to down, the classic is timeless. The flounced body design following the same principles from small to large side edge, it is graceful which give us the classical and orthodox impression.
pink flounced skirt mermaid dressPink satin gives a comfortable and elegant feelings. Fully expose the shoulders, chest, arms, and the middle of the waist design, fishtail hem design can fully show the women’s good posture. With shades of pink, sideways on both sides of ruffles cascading design is filling the elegant and charming temperament.
purple tulle evening dress
The chiffon is the main element for this purple evening dress which give us elegant feelings. The focus skirt falls below the hips unique design with a piece of petal-shaped tulle fishtail hem pile became beautiful, exaggerated lines which make women more beautiful.
purple layered silk flounced skirtThe skirt with a gorgeous noble silk fabric to meet the night of luxury, warm atmosphere. With all kinds of intertwined, layered approach to design evening dress, to focus on the use of the gorgeous lotus leaf decoration, it is better reflect the party’s grand.