Celebrities sparking gowns from red carpet in 2014






sparking formal evening dresses

• Jessica Alba dressed in a pale gold dress appeared Magnum Golden Butterfly Awards.

• Nicola Peltz unveiled “Transformers 4: extinct rebirth” at New York premiere in Balenciaga dress.

• Carly Krause (Karlie Kloss) debut in 2014 Happy Hearts Fund charity event.

• Nicole Kidman dressed in Armani high set Lace Strapless dress with Jimmy Choo high heels to attend the movie Grace of Monaco 2014 in Shanghai Movie Festival premiere!

Today we would like to talk about the topic “sparking dresses from red carpet in 2014”. As show in the picture above, we have seen four stunning sparkle formal evening gowns from celebrities on red carpet.

Without doubts, sparkle element as sequins or beading on dress is absolutely will make woman shining and gorgeous stunning.

Who can escape to ignore the pearlescent attractive charming pretty looks? No, everyone will pay attention to one dress with sparking looking.

So want to try one sparking dress for a formal occasion?

Visit our gold formal dresses and sequined formal dresses collection for one gown you love to attend the important event in your life, let one sparking dress make your life memorable.


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