A unique football themed wedding

World Cup fans festival! When the quadrennial grand carnival met your wedding, big fans of football can use football elements at the wedding, so unusual wedding design can make guests feel fever and to happiness of the World Cup soccer with you together.


Football wedding cake expresses a fanatical fan’s heart.

Wedding cake is the symbol of sweet, but topper design is the most interesting and the most prominent part of the wedding theme. Football fans put jersey to their prototype right to express themselves as avid fans of football.

Wedding starts from a “ticket” invitation.

Wedding invitation designed according to football ticket specifications, time, place and people.

Wedding table seating arrangements come to a lineup Stock.

Your wedding table arrangements can also be in the form of graphs to show lineup, every table arrangements striker, midfielder or defensive midfielder all at a glance. Do not forget to include full “Players” list on the jersey.

Make a small jersey card as table cards.

Each table cards also made ​​in jerseys look, the digital on jersey back just the table number on behalf of the guests, it seems clear.

The wedding bouquet can “kick” as ball.

Football fans wedding, the bride certainly will not mind their bouquet designed spherical. In fact, spherical bouquet is also very common, but if the “throw” bouquet change to “kick” bouquet, then your wedding even more interesting!

Football table game let football fans hearty

Game is the essential part of wedding, of course, , table football is definitely the best choice the football fans so far, men will never feel bored.

football wedding

If the space is large enough, play a friendlies competition

If your wedding venue is outdoors, you may consider hold a small the design of a friendly game.

Print on the shirt “My name, your last name” for a romantic life dream.

Touching oath aspects of the wedding can also play new tricks that the bride’s name and the groom’s last name printed on the shirt to commemorate the two become a happy family!

Football fans souvenir add luster for the wedding arrangement.

The bride and groom as well as guests can bring their favorite football memorabilia out to decorate wedding.

Let football groom cake bloom

Of course, the bachelor party before the wedding, the groom does not have to pursue a romantic sweet cake, a big enough football cake can make him happy enough.

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