Top 8 Trends of Cocktail Dresses in 2014

There is a cocktail party you are going to attend, right?

What cocktail dress should i wear? Will you have this problem.

If do, here we sum up the top 8 trends of cocktail dresses in 2014.

You will find the best one style cocktail dress you want to wear for the party.

Beading cocktail dresses!

beading short cocktail dresses

High low long cocktail dresses!

High low is really one popular trend this year, it’s unique special and cool, right?

high low tiers cocktail dresses

One shoulder cocktail dresses!

one shoulder short cocktail dresses

Rose cocktail dresses!

Rose style is fresh and trendy! Rose style is various in different types.  Which one do yo like, is the load small roses or single big rose?

rose short cocktail dresses

Sequined cocktail dresses!

One whole cocktail dress decorated with total sequins or part of cocktail dress embellished with sequins.

sequined short cocktail dresses

Strapless cocktail dresses!

short strapless cocktail dresses

Tiers cocktail dresses!

Cocktail dress designed with tiers various in many types as sidelong or transverse tiers designs.

tiers short cocktail dresses

Backless cocktail dresses!

Backless cocktail dress with a strap or one shoulder or one belt, which one do you like?

backless short cocktail dresses

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