The trendy of transparency formal evening dresses

Since the beginning of this beautiful summer season, we did not stop to offer you different outfits so that you can take full advantage of the summer. And we do not intend to stop this because the summer is not yet over. Although many have returned to work or school, this is as far as it means that we must say goodbye to our light clothing, our little dresses or our little shorts. We will continue to provide you with the essential outfits trend of the moment, whether it’s about the stars or the streets, stay with us and you will not miss anything that is in fashion or not at this time. Whether it’s to do or not to do, we will always please to advise you. Because we often see fashion magazines or blogs dedicated to celebrities. So we know the adopted style of a celebrity but do not mean you have to pay exactly the same outfit. This will not stop us, and we are ready to offer you again and always know that you will adopt any ideas in your way. Take a look at the blog and do not hesitate to consult the other articles, you’ll find that the more you read, the more you will be inspired!

In this article, we’ll tell you about a trend that has returned several times in our items for this summer because it is very appreciated. This is the trendy of transparency in required to gain weight. And yes, stars or not, transparent dress always appears in number of parties. Here we will show you two dresses of stars who have opted for this trend during the 70th Venice Film Festival, which took place in Italy during the last days of August 2013. You will see the top completely transparent eye-catching dress.

Anna Safroncik:
Anna Safroncik brings a sublime touch with a very low-cut transparent dress.

Beautiful Ukrainian actress turned heads at the 70th Venice Film Festival. She appeared in this gorgeous semi-transparent at the bustier evening dress. The top of her bustier is sailing with a plunging neckline that goes down to her stomach, but this is not all, it is designed to resemble to spread on the body of Anna leaves. Although it reminds the fall, the dress is beautiful and perfectly sculpted her figure. To fully develop the masterpiece she wears, Anna decides to take her hair in a bun and let you admire her bra and veil. We’re really in love.

Chiara Ferragni:
Chiara Ferragni wear transparent top black dress
The star opted for this beautiful well cut between the top and bottom dress. The top is completely transparent veil with only ornaments to hide sensitive parts of the body. The bottom is black veil but also this time, with layers to be more opaque over the thighs. The reminiscent jewelry ornaments of the top of her dress make this dress more formal elegant.

Transparent formal evening dresses trend comes varieties, there is one common design that formal evening gowns with a sheer waist design.

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