20 Best Dresses of Cannes Film Festival 2014

The 67th annual Cannes film festival is over now. We have seen a lot of gorgeous gowns from the stars. Jaw-dropping entrances, elegance, glitz and glamour, embellished with lace embroidery, sequins made of chiffon or silk satin etc. gowns have kept our eyes open.
So Who Was Your Best Dressed Celebrity of Cannes Film Festival 2014? Here we find 20 best dresses of Cannes Film Festival 2014, which one is your favo?


Jane Fonda in Elie Saab Couture

Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé

Blake Lively in Gucci Première


Paz Vega in Ralph & Russo Couture

Sofia Coppola in Valentino

Uma Thurman in Marchesa

Suzanne Clément in Maxime Simoëns

Natasha Poly


Sonam Kapoor in Anamika Khanna

Riley Keough in Valentino

Julianne Moore in Chanel Couture

Mia Wasikowska in Louis Vuitton

Jessica Chastain in Elie Saab Couture

Jess Weixler in Armani Privé

Liu Wen in Elie Saab Couture

Sarah Gadon in Armani Privé

Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab Couture


 Adriana Lima was the goddess on the red carpet, wearing an Elie Saab Couture gown, finished off with luxurious jewelry pieces and a classy updo.
Isabeli Fontana look vibrant and radiant in a custom-made yellow Tufi Duek gown with skin-revealing slits and cuts. Red Louboutin shoes finished off her look.
Another vibrant supermodel at the event was Alessandra Ambrosio, who picked a mustard green Elie Saab Couture gown that accentuated her dazzling figure and femininity to the fullest!

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Which color do you prefer for your evening dresses?

Each color has its own definition and its special meaning. When you want choose your evening dress, you should pay attention to the color and styles of dresses.
Black evening dresses
black formal evening dressesBlack represents calm, mystery and elegance. This color attributes the perfect silhouette and feeling sexy women. Evening dresses in black chiffon adorned with rhinestones or one shoulder or round neckline and transparent, they allow us to make elegant image but also appealing breaking heavy shawl in winter.

White Evening Dresses
white formal evening dressesWhite signifies freshness, purity and delicacy. That is why the bride always prefers white wedding dresses. Try wearing a white evening dress with sequined embellishments and delicate lace as the picture above that help you highlight your sophisticated look and focus general attention.

Red evening dresses

red evening dressesRed symbolizes passion, drive and desire. The red evening dress is considered a magic that can turn on at night and capture the attention of people throughout the evening. The most important thing is that the red evening dress suitable for any woman who wants to present his ardor and even her beauty!

Blue evening dresses
blue evening dressesRepresent the sensitivity, creativity and loyalty, wear a blue evening dress you assign an image of confidence and noble. Much softer royal blue, you will provide the image of a little girl prone to daydreaming.

Purple evening dresses

purple formal evening dressesPurple symbolizes knowledge, magic and delicacy. Purple evening dresses bring you a wonderful look reflecting a noble and artistic feeling. Select evening dresses violet or purple color you would be amazing in the evenings.

Green evening dresses
green evening dressGreen is a symbol of hope, tenacity and youth. Green evening dresses convey a calm image, which allow you to be noticed at night.
pink evening dressPink evening dresses
Evening dress in pink color exudes a romantic and feminine look. At the same time, it can refer a child or sweet picture of you.

Yellow evening dresses
yellow evening dressYellow is an excellent choice for a glamorous and cool look for evening dress representing the warmth, energy and joy. Yellow evening dresses are suitable for almost all women of different tastes.

So, what color do you prefer evening dresses in winter? Have you made a decision for which dress to wear at your party? If you are interested in evening dresses above, do not hesitate to visit our website: http://www.dressesmallau.com !

The trendy of transparency formal evening dresses

Since the beginning of this beautiful summer season, we did not stop to offer you different outfits so that you can take full advantage of the summer. And we do not intend to stop this because the summer is not yet over. Although many have returned to work or school, this is as far as it means that we must say goodbye to our light clothing, our little dresses or our little shorts. We will continue to provide you with the essential outfits trend of the moment, whether it’s about the stars or the streets, stay with us and you will not miss anything that is in fashion or not at this time. Whether it’s to do or not to do, we will always please to advise you. Because we often see fashion magazines or blogs dedicated to celebrities. So we know the adopted style of a celebrity but do not mean you have to pay exactly the same outfit. This will not stop us, and we are ready to offer you again and always know that you will adopt any ideas in your way. Take a look at the blog and do not hesitate to consult the other articles, you’ll find that the more you read, the more you will be inspired!

In this article, we’ll tell you about a trend that has returned several times in our items for this summer because it is very appreciated. This is the trendy of transparency in required to gain weight. And yes, stars or not, transparent dress always appears in number of parties. Here we will show you two dresses of stars who have opted for this trend during the 70th Venice Film Festival, which took place in Italy during the last days of August 2013. You will see the top completely transparent eye-catching dress.

Anna Safroncik:
Anna Safroncik brings a sublime touch with a very low-cut transparent dress.

Beautiful Ukrainian actress turned heads at the 70th Venice Film Festival. She appeared in this gorgeous semi-transparent at the bustier evening dress. The top of her bustier is sailing with a plunging neckline that goes down to her stomach, but this is not all, it is designed to resemble to spread on the body of Anna leaves. Although it reminds the fall, the dress is beautiful and perfectly sculpted her figure. To fully develop the masterpiece she wears, Anna decides to take her hair in a bun and let you admire her bra and veil. We’re really in love.

Chiara Ferragni:
Chiara Ferragni wear transparent top black dress
The star opted for this beautiful well cut between the top and bottom dress. The top is completely transparent veil with only ornaments to hide sensitive parts of the body. The bottom is black veil but also this time, with layers to be more opaque over the thighs. The reminiscent jewelry ornaments of the top of her dress make this dress more formal elegant.

Transparent formal evening dresses trend comes varieties, there is one common design that formal evening gowns with a sheer waist design.

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Beautiful Tulle Sweetheart Beading Perspective A-line Long Formal Dress

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Top 10 Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses You can Prepare for Your Wedding in 2014

Dear Bride-to-be,

After working in wedding and special occasion dresses industry 3 year, now i am proudly to tell you that this time i want to recommend the top 10 affordable elegant bridesmaid dresses for you to prepare your wedding in 2014.

So you may ask me about the bridesmaid dresses trends this year, i would like to tell you that the bridesmaids dresses change little than wedding gowns.

Simple elegant is still the bridesmaid dresses trend in normal, backless or sexy styles are more common for wedding dresses.

While the color of bridesmaid dresses are more and more abundant, even the black color is one choice now for some brides.

No more words, let’s see the bridesmaid gowns designs now.

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How to choose a petticoat for your wedding dress

As we know , if you want to look perfect in your big day , in addition to your wedding dress, petticoat – a wedding accessory is also something that you should pay attention . But it seems that brides often overlook . In fact, a good petticoat can make the dress more elegant and complete wedding . It is used to adjust the shape of the wedding dress and can hold the dress in a curved shape . Different skirts can give different looks to your dress.
There are different types of slips, including A-line skirt there , two hoops petticoat , petticoat three hoops petticoat three hoops behind, two hoops petticoat mermaid petticoat six hoops petticoat four hoops petticoat rounded natural, tulle petticoat with six hoops , petticoat skirt and thin siren two hoops behind. But in general, the most common are the natural form skirts and petticoats with hoops.

Petticoats natural form are usually made in organza. Compared with hoop skirts , petticoats natural shape rather fit the wedding dress in organza or tulle, because this kind of fabric is lighter, which does not require the penalty to hold . Using a petticoat natural shape you can show a beautiful silhouette.

Hoop petticoat is mainly used for wedding gowns princess satin wedding gowns with a rounded skirt and wedding dresses chapel train .

This kind of skirts always have two or three hoops. Some of them are decorated with tulle, some of them have a train. To give a better presentation to the natural wedding dress, we generally choose tulle petticoats . The number of hoops will be decided by the length and silhouette of the skirt. Petticoat with trolling fits the wedding dress Chapel Train or train monarch .

Prom dress / princess dress satin : If you choose a wedding dress in satin, you ‘d better choose a petticoat with hoops, otherwise, your dress will look like A-line dress . Satin is one of the heavier fabrics , only one hoop petticoat can hold . If the satin is not so thick, when you choose a skirt , there are two important factors to consider . First, you must choose a petticoat with hoops, and second, you ‘d better choose a tulle petticoat . Choose a tulle petticoat with more possible to avoid reflected in the form of circles skirt layers.

Wedding dress chapel or monarch behind : if your wedding dress is to chapel or monarch train, you must choose a hoop petticoat , because it can make the most comprehensive and softer skirt, creating a perfect style and meaning and beautiful showing a royal vision.

Wedding dress pleated or draped : this kind of dress attracts people’s attention to the size of the bride and gives the impression of thinness. Only petticoats shaped entirely vaulted may interpret pleated details and provide a contrast effect .

A-line skirt is suitable for wedding dress tight waist and curved skirt .

Two hoops petticoat assort well with dresses A-line .

Three hoops petticoat fits a dress A-line skirt not very curved .

Train petticoat suitable for A-line dresses with a small train .

Two hoops petticoat mermaid is prepared for dresses sheath body and small train .

Underskirt two hoops and a ball gown always mix.

A mermaid petticoat hoop fits a mermaid sheath dress .

Two hoops petticoat suits Train A-line gown with a train of medium length.