Dressing and Students

Do you think that there is a relationship between dressing and students? Does dressing play an important role in students’ lives and school?

Yes! It does! Maybe it is a little confused for many people, but we can see it from a piece of news. It was reported that at Mayfield Intermediate School in Manassas. Virginia, on each Monday, all the students will be dressed in formal dresses. Boys will wear suits with ties, and the same time, girls will be dressed in dresses or skirts and blouses. It is one piece of the most interesting and amazing news of American as it is much different from the daily routine that almost all the American schools have and persist on all the time.

prom dresses
At that time, there are almost all the students of high schools need to wear school uniforms every school day. However, Mayfield Intermediate School in Manassas, Virginia, built up a program which especially set up for the education on students’ dressing. The program was called Dress for Success. There were almost 700 students at Mayfield who joined in the “Dress for success” program. It is popular among students. Of course, it is because it gave people a fresh feeling; what’s more, students through such courses are much easier than other courses. But, as for those teachers who were responsible for the program, dressing courses are meaningful more than interesting and easy. All of them believed that through the courses they can enhance students’ behavior, and they hoped the achievement of the education will make influence on students’ school and daily life.

A lot of people cannot figure out that why and how dressing can affect students’ school and daily life. Maybe we can find our answer from the words of both teachers and students who had participated in Dress for Success courses.

Educators thought that their students come from all kinds of economic backgrounds. Although they were students of high school, they need to attend different ceremonies whether they go to universities or hunt for jobs in society. If they can be educated to be well prepared with the knowledge of how to dress properly they can deal with the social situations that they have to face with in the future successfully.

prom dresses
On the other hand, most of the students thought that such kind of courses did make them better. As for girls, they began to think what they should wear to school on the Monday mornings. They began to pay attention to themselves. When they put on a nice dress, it will make them feel confident and comfortable. As for boys, they thought the courses made them mature. Both boys and girls thought that if they put on the right outfit, they will feel good and will not have any problems focusing. It did help them improve their grades.

Thinking about the program from the perspectives of teachers as well as students, we do find the advantages of dressing education. When people begin to work in society, they will certainly meet with those different social situations. Focusing on education on dressing before students begin working in society is a wise way to improve them. Consequently, it is always good for everyone to be prepared with knowledge of dressing not just for the students.


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