Must-See Photos: The Wedding Dress That’s Traveled the World

ImageIf Jennifer Salvage’s wedding dress could talk, it would have some pretty wild travel stories to tell. It’s gone dog sledding in Iceland, paragliding in New Zealand, and even taken an under-the-sea dip in Maui. The gown’s been worn 148 times in 19 locations across six continents and has traveled a total of 147,500 miles. Salvage, 42, a Medford, NJ native, brings it along to every vacation in a backpack.

The “One Dress, One Woman, One World” project, as it was dubbed, began five-and-a-half years ago, when Jennifer married her husband Jeff on Easter Island in Chile – one of the most remote places in the world. Both are avid hikers, and Jeff, a 46-year-old professional photographer, decided they should wed in Chile after visiting the country on a trip when he first started dating Jennifer. He wanted to get some spectacular wedding photos (naturally!), so he shot his beautiful new wife in multiple locations under different lighting conditions. The dress held up well, so they decided to take it with them to their summer travels to the Alps and China.

 “When we broke the dress out, people first thought they’d stumbled upon a wedding and were excited. Then, when they found out it was something different, they were even more excited. On the way home, we realized we had the idea of something special and went with it,” Jeff tells us.

“We love the idea of using up the dress, reliving our wedding over and over again,” he says.

 The Salvages relived their wedding everywhere, from iconic monuments (The Eiffel Tower, The Vatican, Egyptian Pyramids) to scenic natural backdrops (mountains, beaches, canyons, craters) to sports stadiums.

Take a look at their amazing photos below!

– Stefania Sainato

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