Outfit clash – will those actresses stand up to the test of their taste in fashion?

Outfit clash – will those actresses stand up to the test of their taste in fashion?
Beautiful formal dresses are loved by everyone, to dress up as a red carpet queen, you need to stay in fashion, but it is always a delicate issue for actresses to avoid outfit clash at the red carpet, it is quite embarrassing to see the other ladies look nicer in the same dress as your wear, as for famous actresses, when they encounter with outfit clash issue, the result is being judged by medias and fans, therefore, outfit clash is also a great challenge to their taste in fashion.
purple short formal dress

Formal dresses, especially high-end formal dresses seems to have magic power in flattering ladies, though it is the same evening dress, but different ladies might dress up in completely different style. Sometimes, it is difficult to judge who is much more in good-looking, who is much more attractive, but in most of occasions, we can easily tell who is the winner in this fashion game. Let us take Victoria Beckham and Drew Barrymore these two beauties as an example. Both of them are in amazing figure curve and slim enough to fit in every dress. But the difference between them is their temperament, Victoria Beckham is well-known for her straightforward personality and sexy lady image, as for Drew Barrymore, she is being loved by her fans for her sweet Barbie doll look, therefore, when it comes to temperament, they are completely different from each other, an elegant purple knee length evening dress with clear-cut tailoring is much more suitable for Victoria Beckham, for it enhance Victoria Beckham’s straightforward personality and feminine charm, the clear-cut tailoring of the evening dress nicely flatter Victoria Beckham’s slim figure and gorgeous temperament, but for Drew Barrymore, this purple evening dress makes her waist looks fatter.

white short formal dress

Sometimes, ladies might break even in this fashion game. If both of them are in the similar figure, and born with elegant temperament, it is difficult to tell who is the winner in the fashion game. In this situation, if you want to stand out from another one, you need to pay particular thought in the details of the formal dress, such as the waistband, high heel that you wear to match the dress or even your hair style can play an important role. Let us see how Ciara Princess Harris and Kim Kardashian do. Both of them choose a stylish and chic knee length pure white formal dress, Ciara Princess Harris wears this attractive formal dress when she goes shopping at the Los Angeles shopper mall, the skintight A-line tailoring of the formal dress beautifully flatters her S shape curve, and the pure white color fabric also enhances her healthy brown skin, her straight hair and the wide black belt all makes her look like a fashionable modern lady. As for Kim Kardashian, the black lace waistband of the formal dress is tied as a beautiful bowknot, which nicely reveals her irresistible feminine charm.
Outfit clash, can those actresses stand up to the test of their taste in fashion? You can be the judge of this fashion game.