Supermodel with Sparse Teeth Woman – Georgia May Jagger

She is the little daughter of Mick Jagger, singer of Rock Band and Jerry Hall, the famous long leg model of the 1970s in America. She is an out-and-out girl of post 90s. Having got good genes from her parents, she is a model as well as an IT girl. As a veritable star of the second generation, she has become one of the most popular and promising models in England.


Born in 1992, Georgia lived a wealthy live from childhood and was deeply influenced by her mother, who was also a supermodel. Georgia has a soft and seductive lip, a glaring golden hair and white skin. What make her impressed are the sexy sparse teeth. Georgia has beautiful legs like her mother and full lip like her father. What’s more, she gets their good genes of attracting the camera. Her individual dressing style of being natural and free has been favorite. Many people predict that she will be the next It Girl to lead the fashion trend.
At the age of 16, Georgia followed her mother’s footsteps and signed with Independent Models to be an after-hours model. Though she was 1.7 meters tall, she soon became popular with her recognized sparse teeth, devil figure and special family background. She stepped on the T stage of Vivienne Westwood for her first show. We have to say the reputation of her father Jagger helped a lot. Speaking of her father who is a super star, Georgia thinks he has no much difference with other ordinary fathers. “He is not so cool as people imagined. He is interesting but not the type who is tolerant with his children and only wants to go to the party. Actually he looks just like other fathers.” said Georgia.
Georgia is a natural girl and is very easy-going, which is like her dressing style. “There are always some people ask about my dressing style. Actually I have no fixed style. As I am still young, so I change a lot. My style is determined by season. In spring, I intend to dress like a girl, while in autumn, I would prefer wearing furs and jeans. ” says her. In Georgia’s closet, there are a lot of haute couture which she inherits from her mother, like some haute couture evening dress and coat. Her mother has given her some hot-pants of the 1970s that made in Pairs and some clothes of Fabrice and ThierryMugle. Besides, there are also some second-hand clothes which she bought from the London’s Camden Lock, Portobello Market and the Flea Market of Los Angles. Sometimes she will buy some sexy evening dress designed by famous designers. She needed it when going to party.
In the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, she was in a red silk evening dress with stenciled design in the waist. She stunned everyone.
Georgia was on the list of the annual model of 2009, after which her career developed well in the fashion circle. Media comments that she is another Muse of Karl Lagerfeld.


Top 5 Vintage Chinese Dreamy Red Wedding Dresses

Be different with western countries’ wedding dresses tradition, the eastern country, China, has its own wedding tradition. Wedding dress which is the most important part of wedding in west, it is also the most different part from China. Chinese are used to wear traditional cheongsam for their wedding, and the color must be red. Because of they believe the color red can bring the good luck to their life in the future and also the red is the lucky color for any happy formal occasions.

Here come the top 5 eastern Chinese dreamy red wedding dresses, vintage style you will be shocked.

Top 1> Peach Halter Neck Appliques Chinese Mermaid Red Wedding Dress

red wedding dress

Top 2> Vintage Beading Front Split Lace Embroidery Peach Cheongsam

red wedding dress

Top 3> Peach and Black Halter Neck Deep V-neck Backless Wedding Dress

red wedding dress

Top 4> Pink Short Sleeveless Sequined Appliques Lace Mermaid Cheongsam

 red wedding dress

Top 5> Empire Long Sleeves Vintage Purple Red Embroidery Cheongsam

red wedding dress

So how do you think of the 5 red wedding dresses? Will you accept your wedding dress in red and it will be in what style?

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Young replace the old, who can keep abreast of It Girl?

It Girl upgrades more frequently than electric products. Just as the saying goes, blue from indigo plant is deeper than its origin. There is no best but better in the world of It girls. The below It girls have been replaced by some new faces such as Cara Delevigne、Kiko Mizuhara、Peony Lim. It girl must have unique dressing taste and gilt-edged back ground. Of course, a perfect look is also one of the indexes whether It girl can be popular or not.

Switching to other jobs is not strange for people in the increasingly changing fashion circle. Once you have made up your mind to change, you have to make great achievement with your strengths in another field. Lea Seydoux、Kiko Mizuhara and Sky Ferreira are the best successful example. The one and only successful element of them is to be unique.

Image1. Kiko Mizuhara
Her style tag is the symbolic shorthair and mini skirt. From her first appearance in front of camera in Seventeen that opened a door for her model career to Norwegian Wood that started her performing career, Kiko achieved great success. In The Little Black Jacket Photography Exhibition held by Karl Lagerfeld not long ago, she was the most representative Japanese It girl in the album. The inborn slim figure became fashion model for women with small breast. And the pure and clean face was her deadly weapon to attract others.
The sheer formal dress made people thinking of her unripe and tender in whisky advertisement. Sometimes she is a punk. Sometimes she is tender, which gives different surprises to us. Emerald suit may look old in ordinary stars. But it is perfect for Kiko. Even Kiko used to dress cleanly, she also suits for black. She is more than sexy when wears a large bonnet and a black Deep V evening dress.
2. Lea Seydoux
This It girl has a powerful backing. If you have watched Mission Impossible 4, you can’t
forget the cool woman killer played by Lea Seydoux. Different with the role in the film, she is a French sweet girl in real life. She likes wearing print and lace dress at various red carpets. The long golden hair is also her sexy symbol.

ImageCurved short hair makes more people intoxicated with her beauty. She looked prettier in a retro evening dress. As print became a must-wear fashion element of this season, Lea Seydoux matched it with shoes of the same color, which make her neat and clean. Evening dress of gradient color is becoming fashion dress in red carpet. Lea Seydoux deduces it perfectly.
Image3. Sky Ferreira
Some of us may be misled by Sky Ferreira’s wild image. But in fact, the female singer that loves Grunge dressing style has super performance in the field of music. And she was viewed as the most fashion and eye-catching It girl. Even Saint Laurent asks her to be spokes person for its 2013 early autumn series fashion.

I am sexy and I know it

Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How ‘s your holiday? So hot, right? As I promised, another Persunmall post is here. For my newest readers who didn’t read my older posts, they are an online store selling stylish clothes, fabulous shoes, bags, accesories, jewelery and of course wedding dresses and dresses for any occassion. And as my older readers know, I there is alwasy some topic. For today I choose sexy cocktail dresses. Why? Beacuse I think that every women is beautiful and sexy. And if you think you are not, you’ll definitely be in these dresses 😀 So many colors, in so many shapes. This is probably one of my favouite topics, beacuse when I was searching for the example pics for you, well it took me time to choose just a few, because they are all gorgeous! Exactly what I like. The princess type dress 😀 Most of them with pretty beadings and pearls, just like princess.  But if you are not fan of these cute, girly types, you can still find here some elegant dresses. Great materials, high quality and cheap prices – that’s Persun. So if you are looking for right dress for your scial occasion, you are in the right place. You should definitely check out there some shoes and accessories for your whole outfit. Btw this post is little it more special then the others, beacuse I added photos, that suits your body type to help you out 🙂

1. Banana body shape (Natalie Portman)

2. Pear body shape (America Ferrera)
3. Apple body shape (Pamela Anderson)
4. Hourglass body shape (Kim Kardashian)
See? Every shape is sexy 🙂 Hope you like the post and see you later with another Persun post 🙂