Amusing Marriage Featuring Shrek and Fiona

Shrek has been one of the greenest and most celebrated movie animation for a long time, people are all very much into Shrek as a heroic cartoon character, and his partner in the stunning 3-dimensional animation was the lovely Fiona. This sensational cartoon is highly favored in the west, as well as in the rest of the world, and in truth, both for Shrek and Fiona, they have come together as a lovely couple in the animation. This time around however, in the United States, Paul Bellas and Heidi Coxshall had come up with their own costumes and their own wedding featuring both of these sensational animated characters, incredible indeed. Who would have thought that a wonderful marriage in the cartoon world of both Shrek and Fiona would actually come afloat in reality? Fairytales do indeed get serious for both Paul Bellas and Heidi Coxshall for sure. Watch how the unbelievable wedding unfolds for the two of them below.

Heidi Bellas, aged 30 wore her wedding dress and accompanied by her husband, Paul Bellas, aged 42 in his village folk adornment, imitating that of the real Shrek cartoon, they made a truly interesting pair that day in the marriage ceremony. Both of them were made up and painted with an overall green hue, on their entire body, from head to toe and they had their face covered up with all the green paint and other make-up products to make them look more like the interesting green creatures in the animation. Of course, needless to mention, Shrek features green people, so definitely Shrek and Fiona  themselves would be green in color, and since that is the case, there comes these two people doing the same thing to make their faces and skin tone resemble that of Shrek and Fiona.
As for the rest of the accessories, Paul Bellas wore a fake humongous pair of eyebrows which made the “Shrek” feeling even more obvious, he also wore a green helmet, or should it be said, a pair of ears? All of which gave him the face structure of the true Shrek, bravo for his realistic make-up efforts. As for Heidi Bellas, other than a simple white wedding dress she wore a tiara on her head with a necklace, with her hair dyed subtly brown, which brought out the feeling of being ‘Fiona’ for her. It all came in well for both these ‘Ogres’ and they did indeed run a splendid ceremony that day.
The gist or motivating factor behind the theme of this marriage was very simply they had gotten the idea by deriving it from the theme of the movie from watching the movie with their son Leo. Paul mentions that the essence of the movie Shrek marks what true love is in its best. There is no distinction or differentiation as to how you look or how you are, as long as love exists within that realm, it all stays there. The many guests that attended the wedding were amazed and how the wedding turned out to be, and everyone was filled with excitement celebrating this wedding ceremony that brought cartoons into real life.


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