Something you should know about he wedding dresses colors – red black white

Last month, china has held the summer 2013 wedding expo at Beijing’s China National Convention Center. Wedding dresses surely become the most shining fashion.

Now we have used to dress white or ivory wedding dresses, but do you know that, in fact, red and black wedding dresses have a long long fashionable history. The color of wedding dress isn’t white at first, it’s the result of fashion trends for thousands years.


Brides and grooms won’t go to church and won’t dress wedding dresses

It’s a fashion to hold the wedding in a church after 16th century. Luther who is a religion reformer insist on it’s a common business in the world. He thinks that there is no relationship between wedding and church. But Catholicism begins reiterate the power of hold the wedding for the believers to face the strike of Protestantism.

The impact of the Catholic Church on marriage began in the mid-16th century when Trento held religious meetings. Conference refuted the Protestant reform advocate, announced that all Protestants as heretics, and believed that since the Middle Ages the ritual of Catholic doctrine is correct, cannot be amended and supplemented. Conference adhere seven sacraments (sacraments), namely Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, confession, extreme unction, Kamijina and marriage. Most of these sacraments from apostolic times it was used, but until then the sacrament of marriage was formally recognized.

Thereafter, a valid wedding ceremony is required to hold at the local priest and two witnesses, but there is still not have dedicated clothing, apparel for wedding. Church supports the imperial relevant provisions of clothing and believe that extravagant will be curse, and also which is sinful wearing a dress one day.

Throughout the Middle Ages, there is no particular style and color for wedding. Color and cut is ok as long as you can meet the general fashion. You can see that one rich cloth merchant groom wore a brown cloak with fur trim and the bride wore a green dress with fur trim in the famous painted “Giovanni • Arno Finney couple like” which is painted in 1420 by Jan • Van Eck.

Until 1600 or so, even very wealthy bride won’t prepare her wedding dress. In Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Juliet’s parents forced her to marry the young nobleman Paris and decided to hold the wedding on Thursday. This requires fanfare, Juliet’s father asked, “employ twenty capable cook,” but even in the night before the wedding, Juliet was said: “nurse, you accompany me to my room to help me indecent clothing and accessories, see which of these pieces can be worn tomorrow.” Juliet and her nurse looked the suitcase simply, and then select a dress, then finished. Female count Juliet does not wear a new dress at the wedding, which at that time was commonplace.

Red is the noblest color


Brides like Juliet at that time all wear best clothes in her suitcase, and color of the dress will have to comply with the prevailing fashion.

Only nobility was allowed to wear a red jacket at Medieval, this jacket cut like a robe, has a bell-shaped folds and wide sleeves, known as Shao silk which is a typical medieval costume. If anyone dares to wear incompatible with their status in red dress, it will be punishable by death.

When the nobility lost its economic power, he will also lose the privilege against red jacket. 1498, Freiburg, Germany relevant provisions of clothing allow the scholars can wear a red jacket you and. 1524-1525 years of the German Peasants’ War, the farmers rebelled against the nobility required to have the right to wear red Shao silk. But the uprising failed, the red coat still loses the change to wear by them. But this time there was a small city strata, they becomes even richer than the aristocracy by business, they used the power of money to win the power of wear clothing, these so-called nobles wore red clothing which is the representatives of the powerful nobles.

Renaissance, red is the most beautiful clothes colors, and all ages, in the Dominican • Ghirlandaio’s impressive portraits, grandfather, an old aristocracy wearing and his grandson wear dresses in the same red color. By the 18th century, the nobility only retained symbolic privilege of wearing a red dress, 1701 • Hyacinthe Rigaud’s painting the famous portrait of Louis XIV proved this point, wearing a symbol of the Bourbon King Louis XIV royal blue, white, gold tri-color costumes. Under the blue coronation cloak, Louis XIV wearing a white silk, short pants with white stockings. Wearing white stockings, silk shoes are also white. King’s garment has only one piece of red, it is his heel. At that time only nobility’s heels are in red.

Because red is the most noble color, the man who can wear red, he must wear red at the wedding. Until the 18th century, the city of Nuremberg aristocratic weddings, the bride is also wearing a red jacket, the groom wearing red pants.

By the 19th century, the German discover aniline dyes, the first to suffer exclusion of synthetic dyes natural is red madder. Red clothes become the clothes everyone can afford to buy. The color red becomes the normal public. The popularity and plebification of red color eventually led to the popular of getting rid of color, black and white become the new darling, marriage clothes as well.

Black wedding dresses is the symbol of intellect


The original concept of the Christian, the color has a role to confuse the people and also color will make people fall. Although throughout the Middle Ages, the church feels tangled for one issue that it’s right to devote to God for the gorgeous color to show worship, or to follow God Son Jesus rigorously frugality. Although with hesitant, but once the anti-color sport is very popular in the fashion industry. Dignitaries began to wear black clothing which sets the tone of civilians’ wearing.

In Catholic Spain, Philip II of France married the king’s daughter, Elizabeth, to protect the peace between Spaniards and the French. The new Queen Elizabeth is known as peace. She likes luxury, as the queen of Spain she must be dressed in black, so she wore a new dress every day, but always in black.

In Protestant areas, Luther believed the priest is not closer from God than ordinary believers, his belief is also reflected in his sermons that he never wore ornate Catholic liturgical robes but wore the black clothing which wore by believers. Luther’s black robes became all bourgeois clothing and it is the Protestant clothing, Dutch fashion world.

There is one more reason why black clothing more and more loved by the people that a lot of indigo were shipped to Europe since the discovery of the sea route to India. People will get a very nice black after redyeing the black which is redyed with gall using indigo. And with the Americas’ discovery of logwood which is one dye that can be dyed the most beautiful black. This is one kind of trees in Central America, first split tree into, and then put fragments into the water soaked. Imported logwood is very expensive, so the black color becomes noble color.

We can see photos left from the early twentieth century that almost all brides are dressed in long black dress on the grounds and only mantle is white. If the bride has a large budget, her black dress is made of silk generally. And this dress can also wear at a lot of formal occasions, such as go to church or attend the funeral.

Wedding dress made in black is also very suitable in the psychological, marriage is considered to be a serious thing like economic merger at past, people who without any heritage is not allowed to marry, and this ban existed for several centuries. People who want to have a marriage because of love are romantic ideal and people controlled the emotions with intellect when the vigor of the emotions generated. Black wedding dress is a symbol of intellect.

Queen Victoria leads the fashion of white wedding dresses


Mary • Medici and Henry IV married in 1600, wearing a white dress, from Rubens painted “Mary • Medici and Henry IV’s wedding,” a painting, we can see that the bride dress adorned with layer after layer of gold and colored stones, plus a golden veil. Mary was not leading the fashion of wearing white wedding dress, but she was only wearing a golden dress in her person as well as with her contemporaries.

In 1499, King Louis XII and Anne married and Anne wore a white dress to show her purity. But the first one who wearing a white dress and veil married women of the 19th century’s the most famous bride — the Queen Victoria wedding in 1840. Although at that time, the mass media is not so well developed today, Queen can be the focus of the world like Prince William, but its impact extraordinary nature as the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Queen wore a dress made from English silk, with a sensational short veil. A bridal veil at the time was head of a novelty. Queen Victoria’s veil shawl can be understood as a nun, emulation: earthly bride can also appear in the sacred altar. Anyway, Queen Victoria’s wedding dress become fanatical the object to follow. With the royal demonstration, people continued to do the custom that make a long white dress be the bridal dress. White wedding dresses fashion is no more than 200 years in fact.

Paving the way for the white wedding dress is the white fashion in Europe. After the French Revolution, the entire European fashionable lady wore white. These revolutionary women wear a no-waist, sleeveless, pleated and low collar design chest dresses. Particularly striking is the fabric of this garment, transparent, or by a very thin yarn made of linen. Around 1800 Goethe had made the description of this fashion in his “color rule”: now women almost universally wear white, while men wear black. White fashion is considered classical Greek style and is conform in revolutionary bourgeois values: liberty, equality, fraternity.

Although this Greek-style clothing is very popular for a short time, but white as a women’s fashion colors remained for decades. Because the white symbolizes the wearer’s social status, that wife wearing white clothes employed servants so she doesn’t need to do anything. Many upper-class families treat white wedding dress as a social status symbol.

After World War II, with the rise of the middle class, people put more and more on the wedding dress, most people wearing a white wedding dress. Before this, people want the wedding dress can also be worn on other occasions. In fact, Queen Victoria’s wedding dress has been processed after the end of the wedding and it can wear again later.


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