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Le damgelle d’onore di Sex and the city sono tra le più memorabili nella storia dei matrimoni. Rompono i classici schemi e miti sulle regole da rispettare per le damigelle. Parlo di quelle regole che obbligherebbero le damigelle ad indossare abiti color pastello, poco appariscenti in modo da non oscurare la sposa e via dicendo. Ma diciamoci la verità tutto dipende dal tipo di matrimonio, dalla sposa e dalla personalità delle ragazze in questione. Ecco una serie di abiti interessanti per tutte le future damigelle. A voi la scelta!
After the bride, bridesmaids are  the focus of attention. The bride has a difficult task while she chooses the bridesmaid dress. Wearing a group of bridesmaids could be a real challenge, because each one has got a different body shape, style and height.
There are some old myths to dispel. First of all the said that the bridesmaids should get dressed worst than the bride. It’s not a good rule, because  the style wedding could be really compromised. The bride has to be the star of her wedding, but don’t forget the bridesmaids are the co-stars!
Second, bridesmaids have to wear only long dresses. This is absolutely untrue. They can wear both long or short dresses, it depends just on the kind of wedding: if it’s set in the morning, in the evening or if it based on a special theme.
Third, the bridesmaids have to wear the same dress. This is the tradition, but each girl has a different body and it’s hard to find a pattern right for everyone. For this reason you can give to your choice different options:
–          everyone wears the same color of dress, but with the pattern which suits them down;
–          to the contrary they can wear the same dress with different colors;
–          to use the same dress and color for everyone, but with different shades.
Fourth, the bridesmaids have to wear pastel clothes. The actual fashion gives to bride and bridesmaids the possibility to wear the color they prefer.

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Elegant gorgeous evening dresses you can own from persunmallau

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pink evening dress
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pink evening dress
It’s PROM time!
May is the month of the proms in Bulgaria and even though I already graduated last year and I don’t even live there now I can’t not talk about it. I am especially curious to see what the graduates have prepared for this year, since we are famous with our extravagant choice for not such a big event. Last year I wore a very simple long transparent dress with some sparkly jewelry and hair down. Only the color was a bit extravagant since it was orange-ish. However girls do take prom very serious in Bulgaria and most of them get very creative, unfortunately not always in a good way.
I know that it is really hard to find the perfect dress judging from my experience, not only if the budget is limited but also not being able to find the right color or size. The whole scouting is a pain in the ass, I am glad I didn’t really put that much effort at the time of my prom but the result was not bad at all.
I have selected a couple of evening dresses which I find very suitable for this event. If I had the chance to pick one more time a prom dress for me it would be the same romantic and flowing style as my first one, in pastel colors and some sparkly jewelry. I guess most of the girls have already prepared their costumes so it wouldn’t be the first inspiration they see, yet I hope I will inspire others. 
I bet every girl wants to feel like a princess once in a while, and how can you not in one of these dresses!
You can check more evening dresses on the website of Persun Mall.