Angelina Jolie: how a rebellious girl grew up into an elegant lady

Angelina is the eyes of angel in Italian, and Jolie means pretty and charming in French, Angelina Jolie, just as her name suggests, is the most captivating red rose in every man’s heart and also the most beautiful super model to females. Nearly every year, she is on the list of 10 top hottest females around the world and is known by her perfect figure, in 2012,this beauty married with Brad Pitt, and become the richest and happiest couple in Hollywood. Now let us review and compare the evening dresses Jolie wore before and after marriage.


As Angelina Jolie describe herself as a female leopard, punk girl, before marrying to her prince charming, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s dressing style tend to be sexy and wild. In 2005, she represented premiere of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Brad Pitt, she wore Versace leather floor length evening dress that day, halter neck low cutting design perfectly outline Jolie’s sexy and plump breast, and the skintight design at the waist line neatly outline her perfect body figure, and the leather fabric convey Jolie’s wild and liberal temperament, after movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, Jolie rapidly climb her career ladder and become a hottest female star rising at the sky of Hollywood. Two years later, Angelina Jolie attended Golden Globe Award in 2007, this time Angelina Jolie picked out a graceful and elegant grey flooring length evening dress, it seems that floor length evening dresses are always on the list of Jolie’s favorite clothing in simple but decent strapless design and graceful drapes nicely promote her elegant temperament. Angelina Jolie, a sexy and beautiful female leopard, always impresses us with stunning image.


Angelina Jolie often represents in the public with elegant and graceful image after marriage, personally, I think she much more pretty than ever. Black is Angelina Jolie’s favorite color, which she think is the most classic and easy match color, obviously, Angelina Jolie has a good taste on fashion, for every time when she wears black evening dress, appearing in front of the public, we all will be enchanted by her stunning and elegant beauty, in Academy Award Ceremony 2012, Angelina Jolie picked out Versace black evening dress once again, and became the most sparkling and shining star at the red carpet that night, her attractive green eyes, seductive full and mysterious tattooing, are all beauty for us, and the high vent at the tail of the evening dress enable her to show off her long, sexy legs. During the Berlin International Film Festival, to promote her work, “In the land of blood and honey”, she chooses a black knee length evening dress, with unique and special one shoulder wide sleeve design, the goddess perfectly show off her beautiful tattoo at her right arm, and the shining metal waist band makes her look more charming under the chasing light, in addition, to match her lovely back evening dress, Jolie also picks out a pair of nude Christian Louboutin high heel.

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Beautiful evening dresses record the diary of how this sexy and rebellious girl grew up into an elegant lady.


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