Givenchy haute evening dress appeared in Les Miserables premiere



Les Miserables premiere in London
Les Miserables which was composed by one of the greatest writer in history–Victor Hugo, has been being acted or played by generations and generations. That story of human being sufferings inspired Cameron Mackintosh to create another wonderful Les Miserables musical. Just less than a month ago, “Les Miserables” movie, which is directed by Cameron Mackintosh and acted by Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Russell Crowe and so on, premiered in London. In its premiere, before enjoying this film, people clapped a lot for present actors and actresses, because their fantastic wearings matches their own bodies and the climate. Among them, Anne Hathaway looked pretty outstanding not only because she was the main actress in the movie but also her evening dress was really much beaming. It just indicated that no one else would manage that Givenchy evening dress.

Givenchy 4G spirit
Givenchy, as we know, is a famous fashion brand found by Hubert de GⅣENCHY in 1952. Givenchy fashion always are telling people its own characters which is represented by Givenchy four “G” symbol. Four ‘G’ symbol stands for “genteel”, ”grace”, ”gaiety” and “Givenchy”. Year after year, this branding spirit has never been changed but inherited from one designer to another since Hubert de Givenchy defined. Regarding Givenchy, there is a woman who should not be forgotten. That woman is Audrey Hepburn, who acted in Breakfast at Tiffany’s Roman Holiday etc. It was Givenchy who designed dresses in those movies for Audrey as well as daily wearings. Givenchy once said the real beauty roots in respect of tradition and admiration of classicism. Hepburn, this most beautiful woman of all time, who was very feminie by her grace, unforgettable funny face, described that definition perfectly as a fashion icon. And at the premiere of “Les Miserables”, again Anne Hathaway represented the 4G spirit of Givenchy very well in.

Anne Hathaway Matches Givenchy Dress
Anne, who starred in many blockbusters, was recommended as the world’s most 50 beautiful people in 2006. She put on senior evening dress decorated with pearls designed by Givenchy attending that premiere. That dress is backless, retro, glamorous and particularly distinctive. We can say beautiful sexy women are plenty, but few can match that dress. If someone else would put on it, we could have seen any beauty neither from the nor from the dresser. It seems like the color, size, pearl and man-made diamond accessory, leg opening etc. are just fit her body only, no more and no less. Apart from her perfect figure, there is another consideration having Givenchy designer choose Anne Hathaway. That is that her temperament and makings meet “4G” spirit as well. Let’s wish that graceful stunner more fame, and as unforgettable as Audrey Hepburn.

Relation between Givenchy and Les Miserables
Do you find any combination between Givenchy and “Les Miserables”? Surely, there is combination. Both of them have a history of success, reputation. Both of their products, either copies of books, DVDs, or fashion and perfume are worldwide distributed. Now one more link added. And the link is that the star actress (Anne Hathaway) in Les Miserables movie is also the one who wore the Givenchy evening dress presenting its premiere!


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