The importance of wearing wedding veil

The only one romantic wedding in the life time, the importance of wearing the wedding veil is unmatched, and the most important and most obvious reason is that the veil will instantly lock you is the “bride” in the crowd, which is makes you different from your bridesmaids and all the other women in the wedding.

the bride wear long wedding veilFirst, Full of charming

Believe me, if you wear a veil in walked down the aisle toward the people will give you a lifetime of happiness, when you walked in every step you will bring the unique charming. There was no one moment more exciting than the bride sat waiting for the bride dressed appearance in the wedding. All the people should stood up, and then look to the end of the center of the channel, hold your breath waiting for admission perfect bride! No one can be like any other wedding veil as clearly represent bride!

the bride wear beautiful veilSecond, your wedding portrait will be more perfect

When shooting the wedding portrait, whether it is carried out before or the wedding is underway, the wedding veil will undoubtedly make photos more perfect. It is not just you are wearing a beautiful wedding dress, and more importantly, you are today’s bride!

the bride wear long veil with her husband on the rive bankThird, the stunning wedding photo

After the wedding, you are sure to get a photo of you and your groom’s, a perfect souvenir to commemorate the best day of your life, and the photo will be become a collection of art in your home. The wedding veil will provide more opportunities so you can get a group photo than usual group photo!

wedding photoFourth, the core decoration of the wedding photo

I think there was no bride will refuse to a wedding photo on the wedding day. Perhaps, for your parents or grandparents, it would be a best and most special gift, on this day, in their eyes, the little girl will became a bride; maybe you can hang it in your home; perhaps, you can also make your groom put it on his desk. The wedding veil will bring unexpected results, it is absolutely amazing for you! See how to put a lovely photo into a lovely work of art!

the bride wear black wedding dress and long veilFive, the eternal princess dream

Even if you’re not a real princess, wearing a wedding veil will make you look like an elegant princess! Why not to fulfill your princess dream in a lifetime wedding?

Let wedding dress show your figure perfectly

Kim Kardashian's wedding dress

If you have a perfect figure, it has concave and convex like Kim Kardashian, then on the wedding dresses selection, you should expose your mermaid-like figure to the extreme, let your other half think that he is the most fortunate men in the world!

Hayley Paige's champagne a-line strapless satin wedding dress

Hayley Paige

Champagne satin wedding dress is give us a luxurious texture, strapless wedding dress can also show your charming collarbone.

YolanCris v-neck lace wedding dress


Deep V neckline make you a good figure be vividly portrayed, in contrast, lace fabric is filled with a deep sense of feminine flavor, plus an eye-catching belt which is give you an hourglass figure do visual cut.

Pronovias sweetheart lace mermaid wedding dress


The classic heart-shaped collar is look so elegant, lace pattern wrap decoration give us the unusual temperament.

Patricia Avenda's big mermaid wedding dress

Patricia Avenda

If you want to go a little drama wind, this oversize fishtail wedding dress is definitely fit for you, deep-V design is waiting for you to put on sexy goddess arrived.

Lusan Mandongus's yarn wedding dress

Lusan Mandongus

Strap collar without undue to show the body, long flowing gauze skirt let you go to have a little princess to wear long into the early temperament.

Juana Martin's satin mermaid wedding dress

Juana Martin

Like to play fashion bride is definitely a big fan for this wedding dress, it is no complicated lace rhinestone floral decoration but only has simple satin, even if it is cover tightly but also full of Queen Fan.

strapless mermaid wedding dress with diamond

Dennis Basso

Gorgeous diamond studded the jacket, a strong luxury sense is hit!

Amanda Wyatt's mermaid strapless wedding dress

Amanda Wyatt

Attention to the detail! Fine diamond inlay between oblique dress chest and cross section, in the opposite direction can let more hourglass figure of a girl do a narrow on the vision is too full.

New in wearing satin wedding dress

Jolie and Pitt’s wedding photo is exposed, soulful kiss, and scene is beautiful and moving. However, the most attractive is Julie’s satin white wedding dress, and her match with veil which is full of graffiti. Angelina jolie this satin wedding dress is Atelier Versace’s chief tailor Luigi Mr Massi tailored. Because Jolie likes kids, so Luigi put their own children paintings sewn onto the Julie’s veil that he is create a unique and creative wedding dress for Jolie.

Angelina jolie's wedding photoMention the satin wedding dress, it is always reminiscent of “the year of grandmother’s wedding dress”, because satin material has too strong vintage feelings. But in this recent wedding and advanced custom show, we have found a lot of new in wearing satin wedding dress, creative designers make satin with embroidery, beads, tassels or even a combination of high-slit, let the satin is full of vintage style, but they also opened up a new fashionable way.

The jolie-pitt family wedding albumSatin + high-slit
In 2014 Elie Saab Fall Winter Haute show appreared a high-slit satin wedding dress, it was won numerous praise. Light bead piece sequins dotted with the waist part of the whole dress, the noble feeling instant upgrade. After satin material makes a special deal with, the skirt can be stiff, it is fully meet the needs of the profile shape. Lace and sequin common draw outline of high-slit, it is sexy and charming, this dress is absolutely necessary to prepare for the prospective new clothes.

organe color satin high split wedding dresssatin + embroidery
If you think a high drive Elie Saab dress is too sexy, you want a bit “low key” interpretation of feminine flavour, then Ulyana Sergeenko 2014 autumn and winter high-level customization pink satin wedding dress is definitely your ideal choice. Breast fold design can highlight female waist, so that the body’s curve can be show. The high low skirt will add more dynamic for the wedding dress. Breast embroidery is highlight the whole dress, it is not only to avoid the whole piece pink to bring the visual fatigue, but also the whole dress looks more elegant and charming.

pink satin embroidery wedding dressSatin + tassels
See the 2014 Atelier Versace’s autumn and winter high-level customization satin dress, we are instantly impressed by her beauty. Extremely laminating line clipping shape selective harsh judgment of models. Creative one shoulder design, movement of tassel which make the whole dress militantly proclaim.

white tassle wedding dressSatin + sequin
2015 Elizabeth Fillmore spring and summer of wedding shows satin wedding dress which is adhere to brand a minimalist design philosophy, it is make the soft satin interpreted to the extreme. Very spaghetti strap, soft trailing let the whole dress is full of gentle, simple bead piece decoration make the line more rich, to avoid the monotony of pure color dress.

Satin sequin wedding dressSource:

What kinds of wedding dress is Gaga like?

Recently, in Toronto, Canada, the Lady Gaga was photographed shopping bridal dresses store, will overturn gaga also get married? It has long given gaga stand out modelling, what kinds of wedding dresses can foil more her strange aura?

Vera Wang's black and white a-line wedding dressVera Wang wedding dresses

Vera Wang’s prominent corset style black and white wedding dress is very good. It is the same purpose with Gaga black and white style.

metal color wedding dressNaeem Khan 2015 Spring Series

I believes that Gaga’s domineering metal wind style also let you remember, gaga is so like the weird metal and fit it good, why not to choose a metal wind wedding dress? Naeem Khan 2015 spring series of metal and white silk combination wedding dress is definitely the preferred choose for gaga metal wind dress.

Satin gown wedding dressElizabeth Fillmore 2015 Spring Series

When the Elizabeth Fillmore 2015 spring series was show, Are you faint concerns for this season like satin wedding dress market? Now you can be assured , gaga is favor of pajamas paragraph netizens to see, if the gaga choose this style wedding dress, I believe Elizabeth Fillmore’s wedding dress will surely become explosion models.

Perspective wedding dressHoughton 2015 Spring Series

Perspective is one of the most commonly used modelling gaga, bold clairvoyant outfit can stand out with gaga match the drama, Houghton 2015 spring perspective wedding dresses, I believe that it will become the show weapon for gaga in her wedding.

white v neck wedding dress with sleevesTheia White 2015 Spring Series

That wearing a white dress and holding flowers is really gaga? I will tell you, it is yes indeed. In many times, gaga have opted out of the street style, this white dress is one of the “elegant” style for gaga. Theia White 2015 this spring series wedding gowns must have been able to win the gaga’s hearts and minds.

4 fashion style red wedding dresses in 2014

Now the couple get married who will wear a wedding dress, it is not only white wedding dress popular, but also the red wedding dress is also very popular. Now we will recommend 4 style wedding dresses for you.

red strapless lace A-line wedding dress

Sexy strapless wedding dress has half lace, half the yarn, plus a small tail dragging, when you wear it, let you produce a dream like fairy feeling. There is a layer of transparent gauze on the outside skirt, it has leaves on the yarn as background, let the wedding dress has more dream-like.

rose red sweetheart mermaid wedding dressSweet heart-shaped neckline, mermaid skirt so that the whole person is very tall, it demonstrates the bride’s body perfectly. Coupled with rose petals on the dress, layer by layer, it is like looking at a wedding, and everyone scatters the petals can meet new people into the marriage hall step by step.

red off shoulder wedding dress with sleevesThe bateau collar design integrated into the Chinese Cheongsam elements, the elegant off shoulder design with sleevs make the sexy collarbone looming in turn revealed, sexy and elegant dual display, the skirt turn-dimensional layers design highlights the women’s cute character who reveal a hint of sexy.

v-neck chiffon red wedding dressRed sleeveless dress design, simplicity but not simple, it is fill with happiness beaming. The hem plus decorative Chinese classical elements to bring out the bride’s classic beauty, it is like a flower fairy, stunning the audience, the highly anticipated.

4 style mermaid evening dresses for you in 2015

Variety of mermaid evening dresses are not only showing off the female’s charming figure, a variety of classical beauty can give people an unforgettable impression! Now i will introduce 4 fashion mermaid evening dresses for you,i don’t know which one is your love?
oblique shoulder mermaid evening dressThe one shoulder inclined design evening dress can release the arms charming curve, it has a natural beauty. White and black gradual transition from the top to down, the classic is timeless. The flounced body design following the same principles from small to large side edge, it is graceful which give us the classical and orthodox impression.
pink flounced skirt mermaid dressPink satin gives a comfortable and elegant feelings. Fully expose the shoulders, chest, arms, and the middle of the waist design, fishtail hem design can fully show the women’s good posture. With shades of pink, sideways on both sides of ruffles cascading design is filling the elegant and charming temperament.
purple tulle evening dress
The chiffon is the main element for this purple evening dress which give us elegant feelings. The focus skirt falls below the hips unique design with a piece of petal-shaped tulle fishtail hem pile became beautiful, exaggerated lines which make women more beautiful.
purple layered silk flounced skirtThe skirt with a gorgeous noble silk fabric to meet the night of luxury, warm atmosphere. With all kinds of intertwined, layered approach to design evening dress, to focus on the use of the gorgeous lotus leaf decoration, it is better reflect the party’s grand.

Top 4 Monique Lhuillier wedding dress in 2015

What kinds of surprise will bring to us for the famous American Asian Monique Lhuillier wedding dress designer in 2015? Monique Lhuillier bring many beautiful style wedding dresses for brides in spring and summer, within lace with long sleeves wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dress ect., the style is various.
purple blue wedding dress with flowers

No matter what you like simple and generous personality type girl or romantic dream sweet girl, it is ready for you in this new series. To wear romantic purple blue dress which is exudes an aromatic flavor, silver high-heeled sandals is also very commendable, if the bride to wear who can be used with silver rhinestone high heels, so that both mysterious and noble.

lace v-neck a-line wedding dress

Thin dust white wedding dress with lace crochet stitching, sexy low cut with hair accessories which make you full of dream and romantic feelings.

white wedding dress with embroidery

Monique Lhuillier wedding dress is a loyal supporter of colors, dozens of colorful wedding dress, there is always one can win your heart.

chiffon wedding dress

Its romantic, dreamy, beautiful style much for Hollywood stars, it is focusing on exquisite hand-stitched but also retains the beautiful traditional for wedding dress.

Lace cocktail dresses on

As you know, about women,whatever the occasion, they do not want to miss any chance to be beautiful. Often they will spend too much time to prepare her outfits for different occasions. While there was a dress they like to wear on any occasion. This is the cocktail dress is one of the most versatile clothing for women.

For the part of the basic fashion industry, lace was often used for making cocktail dresses. More and more women can not resist the urge to lace cocktail dresses. Thus, we will introduce two pretty lace cocktail dresses for you.

lace pink cocktail dress in 2015Little pink dress covered with beautiful openwork lace, it’s class and chic when it is matched with the little bolero taffeta. The length stops at the knees, which is appropriate for the ceremony or wedding reception. With or without bolero, this pink cocktail dress is also portable for parties or outdoor ceremony. You can even ask Dressesmallau remove the straps if you wish.

black and white lace cocktail dressIf you are a fan of block color, this black and white high lace dress will be your preferred choice. The bustier is black lace and satin empire waist, making it more balanced body proportion. Also with black lace, this little detail has created a sophisticated look to the wearer. The bottom is slightly three layer chiffon ruffles, giving more pizzazz to your look.

4 style long cocktail dresses in 2015If you are looking for a long lace cocktail dress in, we also has some favorites exclusively cocktail dresses to recommend you. With the ideology of using lace in her dresses, designer combined lace with shiny fabrics or patterns or vintage is sumptuous. The dresses could enhance not only femininity, but also elegance, it is very suitable for you to attend evening party.

Want to buy all these wonderful lace cocktail dresses? If you want to see more fashion cocktail dresses, you can see

Venice Film Festival 2014 Opening Ceremony Red Carpet Best Looks

At the evening of August 27, 2014 the 71st Venice Film Festival kicked off gorgeous in Italy. Opening film “Birdman” debut first appearance, Emma Stone wore a black sleeveless blouse + sheath black and white printing pants. She has brought us the best look of the 71st Venice Film Festival opening ceremony, do you agree?

But you won’t believe, she has attracted us all the eyes at the <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet.

Have you being surprised by her two looks in one day?

Except Emma Stone, how about Sarah Gadon, Constance Jablonski, Liya Kebede, Bianca Balti and other celebrities looks?

Plz roll down to see the details.

Luisa Ranieri attended 2014 Venice Film Festival <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet in a strapless blue gown.

Chiara Mastronardi attended 2014Venice Film Festival at the opening ceremony red carpet in a print white and black gown.

Constance Jablonski attended 2014Venice Film Festival <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet in a appliques waist cut nude gown.

Nathalie Rapti Gomez attended 2014Venice Film Festival at the opening ceremony red carpet in a vintage embroidery blue and white short sleeves gown.

Moran Atias attended 2014Venice Film Festival at the opening ceremony red carpet in a sweetheart mermaid blue gown.

Nieves Alvarez attended 2014 Venice Film Festival <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet in a simple red gown.

Emma Stone attended 2014 Venice Film Festival <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet in Valentino 2014 autumn and winter couturedark green deep v-neck backless formal gown.

Sara Cavazza Facchini attended 2014 Venice Film Festival <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet in a strapless white and gold color block gown.

Sarah Gadon attended 2014 Venice Film Festiva in Giorgio Armani Prive 2013 autumn and winter mermaid sequined nude gown.

Emma Stone wearing a black sleeveless blouse + tapered printing pants at the <<Birdman>> premiere red carpet.

Amy Ryan attended 2014Venice Film Festival at the opening ceremony red carpet in a strapless simple dark blue gown.

Emanuela Postacchini attended 2014Venice Film Festival at the opening ceremony red carpet in a sheath nude embroidery lace deep v-neck gown.

So which style you believe is the best look at the opening ceremony?

A simple a-line or princess gown or a sumptuous lace decorated dress? Or is it should be the modern print or embroidery dress style?

Anyway, here we selected some styles inspired from these gowns, simple or exquisite gorgeous, it’s your choice to choose which one you want.

Image credits: blue formal dress/red formal dress/gold formal dress/black formal dress

Wedding Economics: mention 11 kinds of hidden spending budget

Wedding Economics: mention 11 kinds of hidden spending budget, planning for the future of life starting from the wedding ceremony!


Weddings, in addition to be romantic enough and able to express good wishes for the couple, while do not forget those hidden spending on weddings. Prepare for the budget and hold a perfect ceremony in your eyes in the most economical way is the beginning to start the new life in the future for bride and groom.

So before the wedding, except for bulk spending, some easily overlooked hidden consumption also need bride and groom to prepare well in advance of expenditure. Let’s see what unexpected wedding spending there are!


If you choose traditional wedding invitations sent by mail, then the cost of mailing invitations shall count. Of course, after the wedding thank you card is also part of the additional spending.

Chairs and venue charges

Before choosing a wedding venue, it is best to affirm wedding tables, chairs and other furniture permissions, if they are not included in the site fees, we should make arrangements in advance as if the demand is temporary mention the cost may be high.

Travel and Accommodation

The night before the wedding the bride and groom generally need to arrive at the hotel in advance, the bride usually together with their bridesmaids, if your wedding is not in your country or your city, the cost of travel and accommodation perhaps will be more, in addition to the cost of the wedding day, but also account the advance arrival fee.

Wedding Cake

Though many wedding venues fee will count the wedding cake, if the bride and groom want a more special wedding cake which is also possible, but some wedding venues may charge fee for your own wedding cake brought to the wedding cutting fee.

Service and tax fees          

A variety of items to be purchased during the wedding which will likely include service charges, while round-trip taxi and transportation costs will also spend a small fortune.

Bridal makeup and hairstyle test

If you’re prepared for the bridal makeup and hairstyles budget, but you are not sure exactly which is more suitable for you, perhaps you will want to let your hair stylist and makeup artist do several modeling for you to pick, so in this case you should communicate with your stylist in advance and do the makeup and hair trial budget.

Wedding dress modification costs

Most brides will choose custom wedding salon or studio wedding gown, but if you need to make changes to the wedding dress on be the basis of the original finalized piece, especially after the wedding dress has been paid, it is best to confirm the modification cost of the wedding dress.

Online shopping Shipping

For the modern bride, purchasing through the network platform for the wedding has been very common, some large businesses have free shipping service, while some other small items usually have a shipping cost, you can negotiate with the store’s owner to reduce Shipping absolutely, but these part of costs will not small once accumulated, which can be considered the hidden costs of the wedding preparations.

Thanks you fees

Although you will let the wedding plan company responsible for the wedding preparations, if it does not include wedding compere, photographers, wedding flowers, DJ, the driver and the bride’s makeup stylist, etc. at your contract with the wedding plan company, then the cost of these wedding items also need to be taken into account.