Wedding Economics: mention 11 kinds of hidden spending budget

Wedding Economics: mention 11 kinds of hidden spending budget, planning for the future of life starting from the wedding ceremony!


Weddings, in addition to be romantic enough and able to express good wishes for the couple, while do not forget those hidden spending on weddings. Prepare for the budget and hold a perfect ceremony in your eyes in the most economical way is the beginning to start the new life in the future for bride and groom.

So before the wedding, except for bulk spending, some easily overlooked hidden consumption also need bride and groom to prepare well in advance of expenditure. Let’s see what unexpected wedding spending there are!


If you choose traditional wedding invitations sent by mail, then the cost of mailing invitations shall count. Of course, after the wedding thank you card is also part of the additional spending.

Chairs and venue charges

Before choosing a wedding venue, it is best to affirm wedding tables, chairs and other furniture permissions, if they are not included in the site fees, we should make arrangements in advance as if the demand is temporary mention the cost may be high.

Travel and Accommodation

The night before the wedding the bride and groom generally need to arrive at the hotel in advance, the bride usually together with their bridesmaids, if your wedding is not in your country or your city, the cost of travel and accommodation perhaps will be more, in addition to the cost of the wedding day, but also account the advance arrival fee.

Wedding Cake

Though many wedding venues fee will count the wedding cake, if the bride and groom want a more special wedding cake which is also possible, but some wedding venues may charge fee for your own wedding cake brought to the wedding cutting fee.

Service and tax fees          

A variety of items to be purchased during the wedding which will likely include service charges, while round-trip taxi and transportation costs will also spend a small fortune.

Bridal makeup and hairstyle test

If you’re prepared for the bridal makeup and hairstyles budget, but you are not sure exactly which is more suitable for you, perhaps you will want to let your hair stylist and makeup artist do several modeling for you to pick, so in this case you should communicate with your stylist in advance and do the makeup and hair trial budget.

Wedding dress modification costs

Most brides will choose custom wedding salon or studio wedding gown, but if you need to make changes to the wedding dress on be the basis of the original finalized piece, especially after the wedding dress has been paid, it is best to confirm the modification cost of the wedding dress.

Online shopping Shipping

For the modern bride, purchasing through the network platform for the wedding has been very common, some large businesses have free shipping service, while some other small items usually have a shipping cost, you can negotiate with the store’s owner to reduce Shipping absolutely, but these part of costs will not small once accumulated, which can be considered the hidden costs of the wedding preparations.

Thanks you fees

Although you will let the wedding plan company responsible for the wedding preparations, if it does not include wedding compere, photographers, wedding flowers, DJ, the driver and the bride’s makeup stylist, etc. at your contract with the wedding plan company, then the cost of these wedding items also need to be taken into account.

Zoe Saldana Red Carpet Dressing Looks Review

Super dressing wisdom and perfect figure, “Guardians of the Galaxy” actress Zoe Saldana red carpet dresses evolutionary history: appearances must be fashion orgasm!
“Guardians of the Galaxy” lets the actress Zoe Saldana attracted attention once again, the actress has just announced the pregnancy has always been known for good on dressing. Today we will review the Black Pearl 10 years’ red carpet dressing evolutionary history with you together!

U.S. animation giant Marvel’s latest sci-fi blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the first week play in North America become a hot immediately. Fans eager to look forward to see the movie, as a film actress black actress Zoe Saldana has become the focus of recent red carpet. After starred in “Avatar,” “Star Trek” and other sci-fi blockbuster, Zoe became the lead role the third time in “Galaxy escort” which she show as a whole body green aliens. Today posters compiled code will take you to review the “Black Pearl” Zoe Saldana dress from 10 years since his debut in the evolutionary history of selection.

Zoe Saldana was born in New Jersey, USA, with Lebanon, India, Ireland and Jamaica descent. If Zoe slender bones and first class figure derived from natural, then her model temperament and perfect posture benefited from learning ballet at an early age. In 1999 Zoe debut for a guest role at TV series “Law & Order”, and later because of the movie “center stage”, “cross country road” officially entered the entertainment circle, and then the “Pirates of the Caribbean 2″ and “Avatar,” “Star Trek” and other super blockbuster make her rise to the list of front-line actors of Hollywood. Although she has not many works, but will give us impressed appearance.

But we believe that most people really know Zoe Saldana from her first-class performance of dressing on the red carpet and street. She has good figure natural and also good taste adds extra points for her dressing. She can not only dress her own style wearing challenge body strong sense of style clothes as Prabal Gurung and Balmain designs, but also can style those flowing long gowns as Lanvin, Valentino dresses. Recalling Zoe dress 10 years evolutionary history from 2004 to today, it is easy to see every piece of clothing she choose are fantastic and often gives a sense of “fashion orgasm”. She rarely failed on the red carpet dressing, totally can complete with “dressing zero error” Diane Kruger!
Zoe Saldana red carpet dresses
Zoe Saldana’s one of the best dressed ladies in Hollywood. She continues to wow people every time she steps on the red carpet.
Zoe Saldana macthes the green Heineken-carpet in long sequined cap sleeves Elie Saab green formal evening dress.
Zoe Saldanawore a Louis Vuitton dress red tiered strapless gown during 2010 Golden Globe Awards.
Zoe Saldana was in black one shoulder Calvin Klein long gown at the Met Ball in 2010.
Zoe Saldana was graceful and gorgeous in a Victoria Beckham white dress at Cannes 2014.

So do you like Zoe Saldana red carpet styles? Which one do you like to get inspiration from?

Here we just found some styles inspiration from Zoe Saldana, hope you like it.

formal evening gowns from dressesmallau

Image source: green formal dress/ red formal dress/ black formal dress/ white formal dress

Copy celebrities’ wedding flowers’ designs for your wedding

Fantasy flowers garden wedding from celebrity! Kim Kardashian married before the rose wall and Kate Moss walked down the aisle of the white flowers…… who’s “Love Garden” is more poetic?
There will always be embellished with flowers at romantic wedding, from the bride’s bouquet, table decorations, to flowers decorated arches and wall. These fragrant blooming natural elves sweep secular troubles, brought stunning dramatic effect. Many big stars’ wedding also won’t lack floral design to “help out”. Today we will take you to review the top 7 classic elements of those celebrities romantic weddings, take a look at which stars’ “Garden Wedding” is more beautiful!
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding site layout a huge white wall, the couple kissing before the wall was very beautiful; socialite Ivanka Trump’s wedding as beautiful as a fairy scene, Fender roses and butterfly orchid bring pure fantasy scene; supermodel Kate Moss’s wedding, leading to the church’s white “flower road” so beautiful that people forget to breathe …… Which celebrity’s wedding floral arrangement made you tempted? Let’s look through it together now!

kim-kardashian-wedding-flower-wall-670x496Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding – huge flower wall to create a romantic atmosphere. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding held in Florence, Italy, site layout a beautiful white flower wall, the happy couple kissing before the flower wall, then holding hands step to the altar. Dressing Givenchy gorgeous romantic wedding dress and standing together with Kanye West in such beautiful flowers ocean, Kim Kardashian was really beautiful at this moment.

Vanessa Traina wedding
New York fashion lady Vanessa Traina’s wedding – beautiful and romantic white flowers ocean
New York fashion lady Vanessa Traina is a famous American best-selling author Danielle Steel’s daughter and in 2012 she held her aristocratic luxury and intimate wedding in her mother’s castle. At the ceremony held region, the green vine hanging from scaffolding on the roof, white flowers decorated the huge arches, people feel they are into a fantasy forest. The banquet hall was also decorated with white flowers throughout which add a touch of romance and fresh flavor for the luxurious classic room.

Caroline Sieber wedding

Star stylist Caroline’s wedding – romantic colored flowers wall.
As one of the most famous contemporary fashion stylist, Caroline Sieber have successfully created a British actress Emma Watson and other star performers, and often in collaboration with fashion magazines. In 2013 she and her partner Fritz von Westenholz held their wedding in Vienna, Austria, at the entrance white and purple floral materials created a romantic flower wall, colorful blooms on both sides of sworn station was also lovely.

kate moss wedding
Supermodel Kate Moss and Jamie Hince’s wedding – natural elegant British style. 
Supermodel Kate Moss in 2011 and Jamie Hince married in the Church of England, St. Peter, the wedding attracted the global attention, many guests attended the ceremony which made everyone was so exciting, the wedding dress “Pirates Lord” designed for “The Queen” also attracted a lot of topics. But except “Starlight”, the floral arrangement of the wedding was also enough romantic aesthetic. Whether it is the bride’s bouquet or flower girls’ garlands, are all filled with natural elegance of an English country style, leading to the church’s white “flower road” also made people forget to breathe!

Caroline Trentini wedding
Supermodel Caroline Trentini wedding – beautiful pure white flower ball.
Like Kate Moss, supermodel Caroline Trentini’s wedding photos also published on the “Vogue” magazine. “Baby Face” in March 2012 married fashion photographer Fabio Bartelt, the wedding was beautiful and moving, the channel toward the altar is decorated with white flower balls to add a little flavor of pure aesthetic for the church, hydrangeas and white tulips bouquet next to the banquet dessert is also very elegant and charming.

Sean Parker wedding
Social Media mogul Sean Parker and singer Alexandra Lenas’ wedding – a charming fantasy flowers forest.
Social Media mogul Sean Parker and singer Alexandra Lenas held a grand wedding in June 2013, the wedding was held in the ancient cedar forest in California, huge flower curtain strung with white flowers drape down, roads leading to the oath station covered with white petals. The bride’s blond hair matched with Elie Saab wedding gown, become a veritable “forest fairy.”
It is worth mentioning that, Parker also spent $ 4.5 million to invite costume designer Ngila Dickson of the movie “Lord of the Rings” to design clothing for 364 wedding guests, so all the details of the wedding were filled with fantasy charming atmosphere.

Ivanka Trump wedding
Socialite Ivanka Trump’s wedding – pure white flower wall beauty.

New York socialite, has been named the “world’s richest unmarried woman” Ivanka Trump tied the knot in 2009 with her fiance Jared Kushner officially. Ivanka Trump had been the world’s supermodel, has repeatedly boarded the U.S. “Forbes” magazine’s top ten richest unmarried woman charts, her wedding is big bucks, luxury beauty and romantic.
Richest woman’s wedding scene was settled by the world’s top floral guruPreston Bailey, huge white column separated the sworn region into a special romantic sacred space, white wisteria pouring from the ceiling. Decorated the white like a fairy beautiful dream scene, a large using of Findra roses and butterfly orchid flowers arranged to settle the scene, fresh white milk let everyone addict to this pure beauty.

So what do you think about these celebrities wedding flowers’ designs? Will you like to copy one of the design or get inspiration from them. There is one inspiration that you can easily copy for your wedding which is flowers wall and lace wedding gown suitable for a flowers garden wedding, that will surely make your romantic wedding dream come true.

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Three Looks of Dolce&Gabbana Little White Lace Dress On Red Carpet in 2014 Summer

“Old middle yong” all loves summer fresh little white dress! Who dress the Dolce&Gabbana LWD best?

Dolce&Gabbana white lace short dress

Sarah Gadon wearing Dolce&Gabbana FW14-15 white embroidered lace dress at《Belle》London Premiere.

Helen Mirren wearing Dolce&Gabbana FW14-15 white embroidered lace dress at Audi Charity Ascot.
Audrey Tautou wearing Dolce&Gabbana FW14-15 white embroidered lace dress attend Magic in the Moonlight New York Premiere.

Sarah Gadon,Audrey Tautou and Helen Mirren all love one style Dolce&Gabbana summer little white dress, but who wear it best?
Girl’s wardrobe must have one fresh summer white dress, the celebrities are the same. This Dolce&Gabbana lace hollow little white dress are loved by three celebrities. They are Sarah Gadon the young actress from Canada, Audrey Tautou the middle egad actress from France and the elder actress from England Helen Mirren. Three different celebrities from different countries in different ages, each one has her pretty style.

So do you have one white short dress for summer? Or one white long formal dress for formal evening night? White dresses can be a good option for most woman. Why not try one now?

white formal dresses by dressesmallau

Image source: white formal dresses by dressesmallau


Lace and perspective wedding dresses from Zuhair Murad

Can you image the lace wedding dress be perspective? And also can you image one wedding gown can be both elegant romantic and sexy? Maybe you can’t image.

The traditional lace wedding gown is conservative elegant in normal, but today we will show you the combination of elegant and sexy wedding dresses designed by Zuhair Murad.

Zuhair Murad wedding dresses

Zuhair Murad 2015 spring and summer bridal series are talking about modern fairy tale: luxury materials and romantic design to create an elegant psychedelic dream.

Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad 2015 spring and summer wedding series is like a psychedelic dream interpretation, luxurious materials and fairy tale inspired design highlights the advantages of shape the bride’s waist for every wedding dress. Long tail creates a romantic luxurious texture because of the tulle fabric material. Maintained a traditional white wedding dress, but the details of customization adds the bride a taste of contemporary. Selecting of creative photography background for these wedding gowns also makes the most pristine and most luxurious harmony, and also only the most primitive natural golden color with the purest wedding dress white color can be called the most perfect color combinations. Let us enjoy this new romantic interpretation!

Amount use of lace pieces make these wedding gowns gorgeous romantic, mermaid silhouette highlights bride’s curve and also perspective tulle fabric using show bride’s sexy long legs.

But not only the perspective tulle can be used down the waist, the designer also use lace details and tulle fabric on the breast to make the wedding dress perspective sexy romantic.

Vintage lace and modern using of perspective tulle design make every Zuhair Murad wedding dress gorgeous elegant sexy romantic for every bride.

Like these bridal gowns? If you want to copy these styles or want to keep tradition to wear the classical elegant vintage wedding dresses, plz visit us online at

Celebrities sparking gowns from red carpet in 2014






sparking formal evening dresses

• Jessica Alba dressed in a pale gold dress appeared Magnum Golden Butterfly Awards.

• Nicola Peltz unveiled “Transformers 4: extinct rebirth” at New York premiere in Balenciaga dress.

• Carly Krause (Karlie Kloss) debut in 2014 Happy Hearts Fund charity event.

• Nicole Kidman dressed in Armani high set Lace Strapless dress with Jimmy Choo high heels to attend the movie Grace of Monaco 2014 in Shanghai Movie Festival premiere!

Today we would like to talk about the topic “sparking dresses from red carpet in 2014″. As show in the picture above, we have seen four stunning sparkle formal evening gowns from celebrities on red carpet.

Without doubts, sparkle element as sequins or beading on dress is absolutely will make woman shining and gorgeous stunning.

Who can escape to ignore the pearlescent attractive charming pretty looks? No, everyone will pay attention to one dress with sparking looking.

So want to try one sparking dress for a formal occasion?

Visit our gold formal dresses and sequined formal dresses collection for one gown you love to attend the important event in your life, let one sparking dress make your life memorable.

Gorgeous sequined formal evening gowns trend

Sequins is widely used in dresses now. You must have noticed this, sequined dresses are more and more common in our daily life. Whether it’s the formal evening or casual wear dress, we always find the sequins. Even the wedding occasion, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses are made of sequins now for many styles.

White-Sequins-Bridesmaids- Dresses with cap sleeves

White Sequins Bridesmaids Dresses with cap sleeves

white sequined top chiffon long bridesmaid dresses

white sequined top chiffon long bridesmaid dresses

gold sequined top chiffon long bridesmaid dresses

gold sequined top chiffon long bridesmaid dresses

backless sequined long sleeves wedding dress

backless sequined long sleeves wedding dress

kate moss sequined wedding dress

kate moss sequined wedding dress

celebrity sequined wedding dress

celebrity sequined wedding dress

Jessica simpson sparkle sequined wedding dress

Jessica simpson sparkle sequined wedding dress

And also we have seen many celebrities wore sequined evening gowns to appear on red carpets.







So do you like sequined dresses also? If so, here we selected some styles for you to choice.

gold sequined formal dress with half sleeves

gold sequined formal dress with half sleeves

gold sequined formal dress with half sleeves

gold sequined formal dress with half sleeves

purple sequined formal dress with half sleeves

purple sequined formal dress with half sleeves

white sequined formal dress

white sequined formal dress

red sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

red sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

red sequined formal dress with short sleeves

red sequined formal dress with short sleeves

blue sequined formal dress with one shoulder

blue sequined formal dress with one shoulder

yellow sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

yellow sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

pink sequined formal dress

pink sequined formal dress

pink sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

pink sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

blue sequined formal dress in high low length

blue sequined formal dress in high low length

gold sequined formal dress with sheer tull

gold sequined formal dress with sheer tull

pink sequined formal dress with one shoulder

pink sequined formal dress with one shoulder

black sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

black sequined formal dress with cap sleeves

Shop these sequined formal dresses online now for a stunning night.

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sequin-wedding-gowns trends


A unique football themed wedding

World Cup fans festival! When the quadrennial grand carnival met your wedding, big fans of football can use football elements at the wedding, so unusual wedding design can make guests feel fever and to happiness of the World Cup soccer with you together.


Football wedding cake expresses a fanatical fan’s heart.

Wedding cake is the symbol of sweet, but topper design is the most interesting and the most prominent part of the wedding theme. Football fans put jersey to their prototype right to express themselves as avid fans of football.

Wedding starts from a “ticket” invitation.

Wedding invitation designed according to football ticket specifications, time, place and people.

Wedding table seating arrangements come to a lineup Stock.

Your wedding table arrangements can also be in the form of graphs to show lineup, every table arrangements striker, midfielder or defensive midfielder all at a glance. Do not forget to include full “Players” list on the jersey.

Make a small jersey card as table cards.

Each table cards also made ​​in jerseys look, the digital on jersey back just the table number on behalf of the guests, it seems clear.

The wedding bouquet can “kick” as ball.

Football fans wedding, the bride certainly will not mind their bouquet designed spherical. In fact, spherical bouquet is also very common, but if the “throw” bouquet change to “kick” bouquet, then your wedding even more interesting!

Football table game let football fans hearty

Game is the essential part of wedding, of course, , table football is definitely the best choice the football fans so far, men will never feel bored.

football wedding

If the space is large enough, play a friendlies competition

If your wedding venue is outdoors, you may consider hold a small the design of a friendly game.

Print on the shirt “My name, your last name” for a romantic life dream.

Touching oath aspects of the wedding can also play new tricks that the bride’s name and the groom’s last name printed on the shirt to commemorate the two become a happy family!

Football fans souvenir add luster for the wedding arrangement.

The bride and groom as well as guests can bring their favorite football memorabilia out to decorate wedding.

Let football groom cake bloom

Of course, the bachelor party before the wedding, the groom does not have to pursue a romantic sweet cake, a big enough football cake can make him happy enough.

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Popular chiffon evening dresses online in 2014

During high school, everyone is busy preparing for JS prom or graduation ball. I remember those days, when I and my classmates drew our dream gowns for our prom night on the paper. Because I am best at drawing, they cannot understand what I drew. Hahaha Okey, I confess I am not good at sketching things. I am best at drawing stick figures or flowers, not gowns. One of my friends started laughing at my drawing. He can’t imagine what my gown will look like on the day. Am I that horrible when it comes to expressing myself in sketching?

When the day had arrived, many of my schoolmates were wearing chiffon evening dresses. They all looked lovely. We all transformed into beautiful swans, every one of us look so stunning. Then, my friends saw me. The one I drew was so not my gown because my gown was way prettier and elegant than my sketch. Maybe I am not destined to be a fashion designer after all.

When I mentioned chiffon evening dresses a while ago, I decided to share some beautiful gown that caught my eyes. They can be worn in any special occasion like prom, formal gathering, awards night, birthdays or weddings.

high split formal evening dresses  one shoulder evening dresses online white evening gowns online  formal evening dresses  long formal dresses popular evening dresses pretty purple formal dresses

Photos source: DressesMallAU